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Busy few days

Had a lovely day today at a local farm with my friend and her 4 year old triplet, very hectic but very enjoyable. They are little angels and great fun to be with.

Probably wont be on very much tomorrow as having a triplet in the day while their parents prepare for their Dad's 40th birthday party and then babysitting the three of them in the night. Have had an invite to the party but I know I won't be up to it especially with disco and fancy dress!!. So it will be feet up and snoozing, thats assuming they all get off to sleep on time and stay there. They do have a habit of waking up if they know I am there little monkeys!.

Must say I have had a better day today with the new anti inflamatory pills doc gave me yesterday. Long may it continue.

Hope everyone is okay today, just going to catch up with the blogs now. xx

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Triplets - oh my word!

Sounds like you've had a lovely day. Hope they sleep for you tomorrow night and you can get those feet up.

Good tohear the new anti-inflammatories seem to be working.



i love seeing multiple birth children there is something compelling about them. hope you have a good rest tonight and good to hear the pills are working.

"keep taking the pills" xxxxx


They are gorgeous Gypsy, none of them look alike, they dont necessarily even look like brothers and sister. We did have a lovely day thanks Sue, I love being with them although they can be hard work. Maisie called my name so often today I had to tell her in the end that I had changed it!! She didn't understand the joke and was wondering if I would still be Angela when I got home, bless!!.

Off to bed soon, have just taken meds so hope to get a few hours sleep. Nite all xx


hi wow you have a will in your way how lovely they give you so much joy kids dont they ? they are so innocent its a shame you will miss the party but know how you feel my sister had house party 3 weeks ago i went at half 7 and was home by 9 15 lol but she understands how it is like your mate so thayt makes things easier love to you diddle x


Always wanted to work with children Diddle but never got a job doing it although I have always done respite care for special needs kidz. Just sorry I am no longer able to think about fostering cos I would love to do that. A few hours now and I am done in so its never gonna be a dream come true unfortunately.

Thought you would have been in bed by now, or have you been and have got up already?? I am just about to go. Nite Nite, sleep tight xx


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