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Still in pain

Have still got this damned pain in my back, it is getting a annoying, Have not been anywhere today, having a quiet day at home Can't seem to get warm, have pain in my shoulder and neck, in my face and just so tired. the pain in back is keeping me awake at night. Now what to have for tea, can't be bothered cooking anything, although having said that it gets difficult as my hands don't seem to want to work. So looks like it will be something simple beans on toast or something like that.

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hi linda

i feel the same as you today and really cant get any heat into my legs even sitting next to the radiator and its up at 5. hubby made my tea though. my neck is so sore and stiff i think i'll scream (no too much effort) hope you feel better soon soft hugs xx


Hiya Linda, if your back is no better perhaps it is not the fibro causing it. I get quite a lot of back pain but when I got pain in a different place last year it turned out to be pleurisy and nothing to do with fibro. If you havn't already been it may be worth a trip to see your GP.

Hope you feel better soon xx


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