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Awful time

Hi All,, last week was awful,started when I was expecting a pair of roller blades to be delivered for my grandsons birthday Easter Sunday, they didn't arrive so tracked them and found out they had been delivered to the wrong house I'd put 19 instead of 91 ,so couldn't be delivered in time due to it being a holiday weekend.

Knowing I suffer panic attacks in railway stations, arranged for help,that went wrong they put me on the wrong train-but eventually arrived on Sat-but had an awful time-- my son was stressed out due to problems in personal/work life---I pick up on this but can do nothing to help and just feel more ill-so left early on Sunday --my grandsons birthday and came home. Feel like never going anywhere again the stress and anxiety are much worse to cope with than the pain now.

Has anyone heard of the Marshall protocol -in relation to fibromyalgia?

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So sorry you have had a lot of trouble with your order

hope your stress & pain eases soon




Large amount of controversy surrounding vit D --what to believe?


I was reading an article on it just yesterday ld.... not sure what to make of it . It was in relation to ME rather than Fibro . I think I'd need to see more results before I'd think of trying it.



hi so sorry you ended uphaving a really rough time of it what a shame but least you home now as for the marshall protocol if i were you i would speak to your gp about that or maybe someone on here has got some advice i dont really know anything about it so wont comment on it love to you diddle x


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