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OK my friends i am now off to see my sister at her beauty room and she is gonna do my nails for me doa afrench polish on them and also my little piggy s or toes and wax my eyebrows and tint them a bit darker as it all the rage apparently to have really shaped anddark eyebrows so i am gonna be in the fashion and all up to date (shame about the rest of me lol ) love to you all i wont be back on here today as wont be back til gone 6 so then i wanna bath and sit down with my heat and masssage pad etc and eat my choccy eggs yum yum so enjoy rest of day and evening and will be online tomorrow all being well love you all Diddle x

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Oooo you lucky thing I hope you had a fab time nice to be pampered xxx


enjoy your pampering Diddle! and a good natter! hugs n xxxx


Oh we now have a very posh Diddle do we!! Its nice to be pampered so anyone who gets the opportunity should take it. I had mine last week, a christmas present from my nephew but I delayed it as there is no point having your toes done when nobody sees them.

Go for it Christine, it will be nice to have them done for your holiday. I like to see my little toes peeping out from my sandals looking all nice and shiny.

Sweet dreams to everyone, speak again tomorrow xx


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