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Hi to you all and do hope that you all had a better sleep than i did last night it is getting beyond a joke now !!!!! it has been 10 days i get about 1 to 2 hours a night if that and it is taking its toll on me now.

I am not doing anything today my daughter is back to work 9 to 5 and i have got to go have my nails done by my sister at her beuaty room at 5 15 and that is it so i am going to see mydaughter off to work and sit on my bottom on the chair wrapped in a blanket and get my kindle out and my lil doggy by my side and i am gonna stay there all day and hopefully go to sleep for an hour at least

hope you all got a lovely day planned? and all those with kids are coping ok nearly there now half way through the easter holidays !!!!

ok well you all have a good day and may be on here later if not will speak to you all tomorrow love diddle x

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What - no carrot cake!! But at least you will have nice nails :)

Sleep depravation has got to be the worst, at least if you don't feel knackered all the time you can cope a little better. Take care love Angela xx


lol i am now thinking of getting one actually but hen i would end up eating it all as my daughter at work and hates it what a shame lolanfd partner not here til 8 i will see lol x love diddle x


take care diddle being so tired is warring, have you tried anything herbal, but ask gp first or pharmisist in case they interact with your meds


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