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will i ever learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the best nights sleep last night and felt great this morning, but ive gone and done it again, i decided to do some spring cleaning and as i always do ive gone to far, i am payng for it now, damn it, if i was normal, it wouldnt pile up lke this, i would do it everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!! how the heck do i pace myself i really dont know how its either or with me, when i feel like i did this am i cant sit still. This is how i used to be always thinking of things i could do, but forgetting that once i was able, now im not so very fed up right now!!!!!!

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Noooooo :( Why do we do that.

We have a good nights sleep and then want to do a marathon! lol. I reckon pacing ourselves is very hard to do when we're not used to it and have always rushed about.


yes i agree chris, it would be nice if when we pace ourselves and do one room at a tme for eg that others wouldnt make a mess before next rooms done lol xxxxxx


oh dear bless yopu we all do that we feel great amd think we were how we used to be go mad and end up messing ourselves up lol but good for you with the sleep wish it was me lol love to you diddle x


I really hope that much needed sleep comes diddle love to you xxx


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