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have i got this all wrong??????

I have been looking with great interest at peoples problems with sciatica and facial sciatica. I have been suffering with the most excruciating pain down the right side of my face and body which has been going on for a couple of months now. It used to come and go but now seems to be a permanent fixture. It makes wearing clothes,brushing my hair on that side or my teeth so painful. I thought this was neuralgia but after reading on here maybe it could be sciatica? Is this a problem associated with fibro? If so, which pain relievers seem to work best as i am taking tramadol,gabapentin and meloxicam and it isnt touching it. Would love to hear your comments.x

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It sounds like neuralgia to me sweetheart, but you would probably need to speak to your GP about it. I get neuralgia in my face sometimes, and I can't even touch my face when I'm having a flare, it feels like when I touch the area my face feels on fire.. not sure if this makes sense!

Re the meds - again, your GP is the best person to talk to, as anything we suggest on here might have a contra indication with the meds you're already taking..

Gentle hugs and hope you get an answer soon. xx


Hi I am not a master of medicine, however can relate to you. Could it be trigeminal neuralgia or migranes. I suffer from the same honey and nothing touches my pain. Not even dihydrocodeine which is pretty strong stuff.

Have you seen a neurolgist/headache specialist? I never knew headache specialists existed however found out when a lovely person told me on here.

I think it would be best to go and explain the symptoms to your GP and ask for a referall to a specialist. Don't wait years like I have done before getting any help.

I literally go out of my mind with the pain, crying myself to sleep. Good luck xx


bless you i am like the rest ir sounds like neuralgia to me i think you shouldd go to your Gp love to you diddle x


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