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Have just opened a packet of shortbread biscuits to have one with a cup of tea. LOL, did I say one, sorry I meant half a dozen!!. Putting them away now in the hope that I can keep them until tomorrow.

Nite to everyone, has to be early shut down tonight as I am babysitting my friends triplets. Here's hoping they all stay asleep but secretly I love it if one comes downstairs with me.

Look forward to catching up again tomorrow xx

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I love shortbread biscuits too can never have one lol not good for diet now! OMG triplets hope they don't give you any bother well enjoy see you tomorrow (well you know what I mean lol

Hugs Ruby xx


:) Like :) And also some !!!!!! Good luck xx


good luck with the babysitting x triplets can't be for the fainthearted :-/

good girl for putting away the biscuits! I've got some jaffa cakes w ith my name on lol. full moon - half moon - eclipse = black hole = gone!


lol i made some bickies today with golden syrup heehee ate half of them already & gonna have some more later oommm me thinks someone better hide them :D have a lovely evening xx


mmm short bread, send some this way lol. Triplets wow, yep id say you need to have a, enjoy your evening. Lou x


no you mis typed you meant i packet lol it ok that fine lol love to you diddle x


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