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fibro fog is bad!!

Hi all.

Been a quiet day for me, was in so much pain after counselling yesterday that i took my pills and tried for early night but couldnt sleep.

Forgot i had taken my pills, couldnt remember whether i filled my container up or forgot so took more.

Didnt help me sleep well, bad dreams again but this morning i woke and i have been so clumsy and forgetful today and my tremors are real bad too.

The pain isnt too bad but my concentration is crap, Taken me 20 mins to write this so far as keep forgetting what im saying.

Walked into doors, slipped on stairs, spilt drinks down me and decided wasnt gonna risk cooking so thought buy my son pizza (had to go shop for bread), ordered the pizza popped in the shop whilst it was cooking, forgot i ordered it so went in the chippy bought large chips for him , then pizza lady saw me and raced after me with my pizza.

So spent more than i should, chips were horrid anyway, so am now sat on my bed out of harms way lol.

I hope all of you had good day but i know thats never gonna happen so i hope some of you managed it.

Hugs to all.

I doubt be on here much tonight as i feel like im in cloud cuckoo land.

kia xx

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oh dear bless you i thinkyou are safest in your bed at min you poor little thing you are having a bad fibro fog day arent you oh well keep in yout room ourto of harms way and hopefully you will be better on fri love to you diddle x


Just hit the mattress and chill, sounds like the safest place to be at the moment.

Take care, hope you have a good weekend!


SusanY xx


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