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Fibro, fibro-fog, thyroid issues and flouride toxicity

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I have been replying to posts about fibro-fog and I have been able to greatly reduce mine (at least by 90%) by eliminating flouride from my body. It is a nasty toxin that has many, many side-effects and is used in most toothpastes and in some bottled and tap water.

I do not take any medication, I only use a natural toothpaste (from local health shop) and only drink non-flouridated water. Don't take my word for it, the evidence speaks for itself. I have provided some info below but I would advise doing your own research too.

Hope it helps someone. Many blessings - with references - lists most commonly used drugs for fibro and their side effects - by fellow fibromites - link to THE CAUSE OF FIBROMYALGIA by Jason A. Uttley

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Thanx for the info sisterbless I will look them up....Dee xx

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No probelm. I live by the motto "each one, teach one". If I ever come across useful information, especially on issues related to fibro, I will post it.

Wishing you a blessed day x

Thanks for this,I knew fluoride was nasty but somehow (must be the fog.) never thought of it regarding thyroid.x

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No problem. There are so many issues related to flouride that we never hear about. We're just told "it's good for our teeth". I'm fed up being lied to, especially when they don't give us a choice, i.e. flouride drinking water, and have you ever seen a non-flouride toothpaste in a supermarket?

Rant over lol...

Have a blessed day

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Marz in reply to beaton

Hi beaton ! - it's an endocrine disruptor. Mass medication !

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Marz in reply to Marz

...hence the connection between Fibro and Thyroid ! I was diagnosed with FM before the Thyroid diagnosis. M x

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To keep whole nations dumbed down and stop people thinking for themselves!!

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With absolutely no evidence that it prevents dental cavities either ! The research was sponsored I believe by a committee of Aluminium producers in the States - the biggest being Alcan. A type of fluoride is the by-product of aluminium production and it is too toxic to put into the rivers. It was decided that in toothpaste it would do just fine - everyone uses toothpaste ! ....And then we have mercury in our fillings - so what is it about our mouths - ah yes easy access to the circulatory system in the small vessels of the mouth and salivary glands.... As is reported - people with poor dental health often suffer from heart disease due to organisms and bacteria getting into the bloodstream.....and causing inflammation of the heart tissues....

And so she rambled on.....

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As well as affecting brain function amongst other nasty side-effects. I found a great non-flouride toothpaste and I have no mercury fillings. People don't understand what's happening to them and why. Glad there are still some free thinkers like us left otherwise we'd all be sheeple.

Toothpaste/water companies should be prosecuted under trades descriptions act for lying and harming the health of the whole country.

(We can ramble cos our brains not afected by flouride lol)


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I too use natural toothpastes - I live in Crete so am fortunate as the water does not have fluoride. Lots of other nasties - like everywhere. The sun is so strong we can't see them :-) I do agree with your comments....

Did you see the Gluten Summit - A Grain of Truth - 29 speakers from around the world. A Free on-line event - truly amazing ! On for over a week. Am sure it will soon be freely available on YouTube - the CD's are quite expensive. I didn't hear them all speak - but the ones that I did were amazing. Seems it is at the root of so many problems including FM. You can see my post over on Thyroid UK. So much to learn - so much to read !

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You are blessed to live in a beautiful place with lots of sun. Great for the fibro.

Thanks for the info. Will check it out. I know things like white bread worsen my symptoms so will be interested to hear what was said.

Blessed love

Hi Marz, Thanks for that.x

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