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Does anyone think the Solar Storms we are experiencing at present could be the cause of making FMS symptoms and other health issues worse?


I have noticed headaches & strange dreams are worse recently as is the feeling of un-ease, aches & pains all noted with 4 FMS sufferers in my family. I would be interested to find out more about the electromagnetic field changes with regard to the recent Solar Storms and our health. If anyone has any information or ideas on the subject I would be interested to hear them.

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solar storms were predicted for this year and I would think that anything unusual and different to the norm of our world would makes difference since we all have electricity surging round our bodies all the time I would think the solar storms are making a difference to us all, just look at the weather we are experiencing xx

That is interesting and u have a point I mean u r right when the weather is heavy I get migraines. Recently I have been in more pain so it is very interesting x

sandytez in reply to webby

i get migrain i can tell 2 days before a storm that we will have thunder and lightning , my eyes ache and i have a very heavy dull head , i cant focus my eyes on anything as they ache , after the storm it clears , it also makes me want to sleep i get so tired

Hi peeps i think use a have a point i always feel more down & achey in cold damp/wet weather X Gentle hugs & big :)s 2u all X

The weather makes a difference to me and many other people I have spoken to. We are in the middle of a stream of Solar Storms at present which are reportedly going to last for several years. As the electromagnetic field has a lot to do with our planet, controlling the tides etc, I would think it only natural that the same things would have something to do with our health, especially as we are made up 45% - 70% fluid.

The wet damp weather makes a difference to me i always feel worse also if its windy then i get headaches as well. soft hugs to all. xx

I too have certainly noticed a difference to many of my symptoms a more hightened sense somewhat.

Soft Hugs

Sue x x x

This is interesting I am a simple creature all I know is that each dramatic weather change my symptoms flare, I just get settled and on great British style the weather changes again ...

My symtoms have flared in this weather too. xxx

Hi, I always have thought that the weather has a lot to do with how i feel. I always get headaches which at time i put down to the weather and the change i the atmosphere. My dad has always thought i had SAD.

Jo xx

I too am very sensitive to the weather. If there is rain coming I know a couple of days before hand, dont even have to look at the forecast. The warm weather will give me a thumping headache too. So yes its very interesting! Might look into it more x

Hi there, I am also of the opinion, that external environmental conditions affect my fibromyalgia symptoms and agree that we are supersensitive to our environment and changes in it. My symptoms are particularly worse on cold wet grey days and a lack of sunlight as in SAD seems to affect me at the moment, as soon as it begins to get dark, I begin to feel extremely unwell.Has anyone tried the natural daylight lamps ?


Speaking personally my Fibromyalgia is always dependent on the weather. If the weather is warm and fine, then I manage much better. During the Winter with the storms, cold and damp, it's always much harder to bear and my pain is much greater too.

Triggers can aggravate the pain and there are many. Common ones include stress, fatigue, changes in the weather and even physical activity, so I guess that answers the question as to why we all tend to feel worse in bad weather.

(((hug))) xxx


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