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Does anyone get days of sleepiness?


Hi, it's an odd question I know, and last time I put it down to starting amitriptilyne but since I went to bed in the early hours of Sunday morning after my mum's concert, I find I cannot stop sleeping. I have forced myself to get up and do things but after an hour or so, I fall back to sleep for hours. Yesterday, bar a brief check in on FibroAction, I slept deeply until 4pm. I tried to wake up but I'd get sucked back under, and it was the sleep of the dead. I got up and went to my brothers house, where I dozed off on the sofa around 6:30pm and I woke up back at home in my own bed at about 10am. I'm fighting sleep now as I type. Obviously, I'm happy to have got some sleep as it doesn't happen often, but this level of sleepiness is worrying me :(

Could it really be just because I overdid it for 3 days prior to Saturday night and my body is catching up? It feels rather extreme for that. It really isn't like me to do this and I'm hoping this isn't the sign of something more at work. Does anyone else get this if they don't pace themselves?



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Hi Shiny

it is odd but many of us suffer sleep days when we are practically un wake able.

My partner some times has to wake me for food and tea and then I am straight back to land of nodd.

You follow this by being an insomniac how mad is thAt well that is fibro!

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Sorry, I didn't reply in the correct box! X


Thanks gins, it's not something I've come across before, and my parents are not impressed! If I still lived alone it wouldn't matter. Is it better to give into it or fight it? I mean, do you find it restorative at all when it does happen? Xx


Yes I have days like that I really think it is normal for us to have these days as we never really sleep properly at night. I can sit on the sofa and be talking to my husband and next minute he says I am asleep. Bless him he never wakes me up just leaves me in peace and goes and does some things around the house . He is my carer 24/7 and he says there are many days I will sleep .

I really think it is something we have to accept. Lots of gentle hugs x

hi Shiny think we all have days like that.went thru a spate of not getting to sleep til 3 am and then wanting to sleep all day for a couple of days-dogs wouldnt let me even if I wanted to.

Hi Shiny..

I have also been soooo tired that i've even got out of bed and then sat at the end of the bed and fallen back to sleep, this has lasted for days and unlike our Shiny my son takes the dog out and leaves me in the land of nod lol..

Sunshine hugs to you xx

hi shiny, yes ive been like that today, yesterday i had 4 of my kids over then went to the others for dinner,i couldn't sleep last night,then today ive been like a zombie, i can go days being normal then days not sleeping then a week or so being tired all the time & going to bed early, getting up late & still dozing off, so yes it must all be fibro related. xx


I think t'interweb has fallen out with me! I can only reply to my own posts :( not be fooled, our Shiny did not take the dog out today, or yesterday :o despite him jumping on my head and showing me his pet hat. His grandad stepped into the snooze-filled breech and they went and did boys stuff together with sticks and things xx

Lol thats what grandad's do....

Hope the interweb forgives you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hugs from viv xx

Hi Shiny1

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Yes, I get like this quite often but I think mine is due to my lack of sleep and erratic sleep pattern in general. If it gets too much I would seriously think about discussing it with your GP as you so not want it to start interfering with your life too much?

I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

I'm having the same experience right now got up at ten , filled top level of dishwasher, went back to bed shattered. I slept most of yesterday only waking for hot drinks and meds, having to eat is too much trouble, so mostly refuse, pain is waking me up, especially in legs. I have a pillow under the back of my knees to stop me sliding down the bed. If I lay flat too long I start wheezing, the air quality is very bad in the Midlands so my inhalers are beside me all the time.... Sorry I meant to say yes, it happens often to us fibromites, all part of the syndrome. Some of us have fm\me, if it goes on, ask your go if that could be you? Hope you feel better soon.

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