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Sudden Descent of Depression

Yesterday was a very bad day...a sudden descent of the most terrible depression...l was ready to quit!!!it lasted some hours but just before bedtime it seemed to lift almost as suddenly as it had dropped on me, although it did'nt leave altogether but got over the worst of it.Terrible nightmares and woke up with the usual legs like lead,struggle just to get dressed and all l could do to wash face and brush teeth, it still has not left me totally but do not want to go back on anti-depressants...which make the brain fog even worse!!

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Hi Sue, I totally understand where you are coming from with not wanting the anti depressants, but there are so many that might not have the side effects you're scared of - I'm on a low dose citalapram which seems to help most of the time, but am now looking into more CBT which helps more.

Each person is different and what helps them might not help others, but I agree this bloomin illness doesn't help!!! might be worth looking into CBT to help if you don't want medication x

Sending you gentle hugs and hope the day improves for you xx


I too didnt want to go on anti depressants as most dont help me anyway so i slowly reduced the dose then came off them but lately i have been getting more and more depressed or angry over the least little thing so think i may have to go back on them after all. But i agree with Miss kittycat i think my CBT is brilliant, im worrried it will stop soon as she thinks im doing so much better on it but i always feel more positive after seeing my counsellor. Definately worth looking into. I think thats why im also so bad this last week as i was too ill to see her last week and now she is on holiday.

Thinking of you xx


i think thats the next med for me my depression comes on so quick and is devastating, I dont want more meds, but this black cloud over me is no good


I too was offered them last time at the Dr's after pouring everything out but I declined as was managing to climb out of my black hole slowly myself and I take enough pills without adding more! Really hope you feel better soon we all know how you feel ((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) Ruby xx


oh dear it horible when you feel like that but you are on the best place plenty on here to make ypou smile and laugh hope you feel bit more uplifted soon love to you diddle x


Try not to suddenly give up anti-depressants , just as they take time to work --so you have to come off them slowly. I have been on and off them for 40 years, partly I never wanted to admit I was ill and would wait until I couldn't function any more and have at times ended up in hospital,or so drugged up didn't know what I was doing ---lost large expanses of time in my life as they gave me tricyclic anti-depressants but I'm now on a low dose of serotonin which does not impede me in the same way and I stay on it all year---doesn't stop me feeling low at times but don't feel the same despair I used too. Do speak to your doctor about the different types and what would be best for you--also find out as much as possible about your condition and monitor it,hope you feel better soon.


Hi Sue, sorry to hear you have not been feeling the best, I have these depressions come over me suddenly and its not very nice. I have been taking antidepressants for some time now although I dont like taking them long term. The one I take at the moment is called Cymbalta and in addition to helping with the depression it is also a recognised treatment for fibro. Sometimes taking an antidepressant is a necessity and if your GP suggests it I would tend to say "go for it". I find when I am depressed or stressed my fibro fog is worse so if I can keep this under some control I seem to function better. I also go through times of nightmares night after night but must be honest they have not been so bad lately.

I would say that there are a lot of different antidepressants available now and it is just possible that you havn't found one yet that suits you. Dont give up though cos we all know what you are going through.

Take care, Angela xx


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