not sure

well im worried again i dont want to give up on things i love doing and one of those things is going to gigs with my mate how ever now my legs seem to be getting worse im worried about going as i know my legs wont take the standing up so i was wondering about a wheel chair but then i think is that a silly idea as i can walk some and ive been walking at work but my legs are hurting at the same time now im not sure what to do i want to carry on as if nothing is happening like ive always done but then i have people telling me im going to make myself worse if i dont start listening agh so many things to have to think about my head is spinning

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  • why dont you try one of those walking sticks that can be sort of a perching chair

    i cant explane it very well but you went on a mobilty website im sure you would find one ,at least that would give your legs a bit of a rest ,

  • i understand where you are coming from but its the only pleasure in life i have other than my family so im not giving it up

  • Again Sarah think Christine has said it all really do agree with what she has said have a good think about it sometimes acceptance of the illness is the hardest part OT want to put a frame around my loo and a board on top of the bath but my pride is saying NO as don't want to look like OAP'S home but then pride comes before a fall so may have to eat my words if you get my drift!

    Take care Ruby xx

  • Use your wheelchair. You are guaranteed a good view of the stage. ;-)

  • :)

    not a bad idea

  • you may get reduced price tickets as well if you make sure the person selling tickets know you use a wheelchair..

  • Well firstly you do need to accept things more and it is difficult i am going through the same at min jus tryimng to accept that waht i have is permanenet and i dont know where i am going but i have to make the most of what i cn do and focus on that rather than what i cant do or wont be able to do,

    if going to yhe concert is going to be more enjoyable as you have a wheelchair tosit in then take it jus because you have it you are not under any restrictions , you can get up and stand for a bit but at leasst you can sit down IF you need to so i would go in the chair and just do things as you would normally live your life as best you can.

    love to you diddle x

  • Hi Sarah.Im the same as you,I love going to gigs. Im into heavy metal and "proper" rock music.There is no way I would miss Motorhead when they play here in Plymouth.But I know Im guna hurt like hell later.The last time I went (Nov),I could hardly drive home.My legs were stiff and hurt, my feet were burning,I couldnt turn my head,my back ached so much.That was just standing there watching, my headbanging days are WELL over!! But like you, its the only pleasure I have and Im NOT giving it up.I have a brilliant dr and he jokes about my taste in music (Im 54!!) So keep on gigging,however you can.If you use a wheelchair,I think you can take a carer for free.x. Carol

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