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how do i try not to sound like a hypercondriact to GP ?

i have a docs appointment on monday with a different doc ,i want to ask about some more pain relief ,on friday i was told there wasnt anything else they could do ,

but since reading what other people take i realise that wasnt true ,also i want to ask about the other conditions that ive read about on here like hypermobility ,me ,cfs etc only a few days ago i didnt know anything about them ,

but after previous exsperiences with docs i really dont know how to word it with out sounding like a complete loon and making him think that im trying to find things wrong with me cause i have nothing better to do ,

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my spelling is awful :) lol


Lynz, I can fully understand where you are coming from. Funnily enough I just got back from my GP and text my husband to say that I feel really intimidated when i see him.

I have tried writing things down and if you don't ask then you don't get. I suppose if you ask for their thoughts and suggestions and if they don't know they ask to be referred to someone who does.

It is easy to be made to feel like you are making things up.

There are people on here who have been diagnosed with many illnesses, such as CFS, FMS, hypermobility etc....all which fall into similar boxes and catogries ( that is spelt wrong) maybe they can suggest how to get proper treatment and diagnosis.

Their answers would help me out too xx


thanks rach :) i hate it when docs make you feel like that thats why im worrying already about going on monday ,im really low at mo and it will set me back emotionally if this doc turns out to be a waste of space too i just dont think i will cope very well if he/her is xxx


have you thought of giving your gp a list of your symptoms and a list of different drugs used to treat them, I know it sounds strange but Ive had gps that dont know as much as i do about this illness, my new gp hasnt even heard of duloxatine, and has had to gen up on it before she gives it me


yes thats a good idea thank you xxx


thank you and i will keep you posted xxx


the trouble is we ecpect our gps to know everything, sorry to say they dont, Ive learnt over the last 3 yra that I have the best knowledge as to my illness, if you dont have a voice you wont be heard


This blog post may help:


I would also suggest looking at the NHS Choices info on Fibro and possibly even printing some of it out for your reference.

If your GP is unsure, ask for referrals on. A Pain Management Clinic is a good place to start - often they can handle medication suggestions as well as physio and other things you will want to access. If you go to your local PM Clinic and then find you need even more specialised input to medications, you can then ask for a referral to a Fibro specialist or clinic.


dont worry about it i have seen all the GPs in my practice i was told i had ME then TATS tied all the time syndrome then i was told it was all in my head i came home crying then i saw a new docter who gave me hope she said if i had not given her a list of problems she would never have thought of fibro we tried differant pill combinations and doses now i take my pills like a good girl and even hold down a full time job as a cleaner 40hrs a week my friends in work all help me on my bad days


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