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2 thoughts for you all

2 thoughts for you all

I saw this in a film:

Life will turn out alright in the end. So if things are bad now, it only means that you haven't reached the end, there's more to come yet.

I thought that was SUCH a good philosophy to live by, very hopeful, especially for us bunch who have pretty crap lives a lot of the time.

The other idea is to think to yourself the things you would do if you were told that you had 12 months to live. Make a list, write down all the things you've wanted to do and put off, things you don't want to die and leave undone.

And then you start doing them!

I know a lot of things will constrained by finances, but a lot won't. Get cracking, Gromit!

Kate xxx

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Just started my bucket list.... good post Katybird!! xx


Most days I try to be a glass half full kinda girl, and try to do something nice for at least one person a day - thats right at the top of my bucket list! Number two, is getting to see as much of mine and Lenns family in the next few months now we have the car sorted... those alone will make me happy!

Lastly, I'm going to my local paper to see if I can get a helpgroup started where I live in Oxford, I didn't realise how many of us there are until I got talking to my consultant at the pain clinic....

Don't think I will have enough energy for a number four!!!!!

Hugs xxx Tracy xxx


lol that pic looks like me in morning i have lost weight lately and only bout 7 half stone lol it reminds me of when my daughter took a photo of me holding a skeleton outfit up i had bought for my grandson last year and sent it to my daughter so she could see it and my son in la sent me a text back saying which one is the outfit lol i had lost so much weight i did laugh anyway yes that is brilliant love to you diddle x


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