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Is anyone going to the fibromyalgia conference in April?

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There is a conference for fibromyalgia in the UK on the South Coast i am going i wondered if anyone else is going.. i think the link is :

Just wondered if some of the people i have been getting to know are going so i get to meet them in person

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I have just seen the prices, i am on benefits, i cant afford a night out near home never mind the cost of travel to get there all of the way from lancashire, maybe they should those of us who could never afford to attend.


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The cost is prohibitive. No way can I afford that. I went on the very first one that Jeanne Hambleton did, and that was really really good.

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Brujah81 in reply to VonnyM

Jeanne is involved in running it this year too i believe

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whoa way to expensive for me

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Tempted but no way can I be active for a whole weekend, especially after travelling. The last time I had a few days away I had to rest all the time I was there after the journey only felt well enough to do something after 3 days and then it was time to go home! I went down to my parents once for a week and was there for a month before I could drive. My husband and I now do day trips only.

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Brujah81 in reply to Betty67

i tend to choose some seminars and then rest inbetween..

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That would be wise.

However I usually then feel guilty about paying for something and then not using it. Although I still work part time I earn very little now so money for weekends away would come from my husband. He has never complained or said no or made me feel bad in any way when I ask him but I still need to ask him.

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didn't even know there was such a conference, sadly way to much money and too far to travel for me

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about once a year I go from Boston to Brighton area, the travel nearly kills me. I rest most of the two days first there, then sleep lots, then spend time with my friends. By the time I get home I need to sleep for about 3 days. Fortunately my friends are wonderful; kind gentle and caring. This is why I am visiting for longer, so I can see them for a bit, and recover before I go home! Sadly I have had to cancel two recent visits but am determined to go next time. I talk on the telling-bone when I can. Take care, y'all

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Best laugh I`ve had in ages reading the gumph for that week end I live in Hastings and couldn`t do it.hugs all round xx

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