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fibromyalgia diagnosis


hi everyone i am 31 year old female I have been suffering with a lot of symptoms for the past 3 years I went to my doctor with migraines and sore knee hand and feet joints memory problems forgetfulnes losing words etc this has been getting worse over the last year including more symptoms. pins needless numbness severe pain in hands knees feet, fatigue, depression, leg twitching, severe back pain, weakness in the mornings and evenings and a couple more symptoms that I've forgot, I was referred to many doctors haematologist who ran multiple tests and other than being low iron nothing else wrong then I was quite quickly referred over to the neurologist had a appointment within 2 weeks and he ran multiple tests including brain MRI which other than finding trigeminal neuralgia no lesions so could not account for my symptoms. I've been back to my doctors loads and loads of times over the last few years with the same issues and to be fair to them they've been Brill referring me too whoever they thought I may need to see but I suspected I may have arthritis and happened to have a MRI scan on my left hand which they did find arthritis so I went back to the doctors and told them again and was finally referred over to the rheumatologist I had my first appointment today and the consultant has diagnosed me with fibromalgia to which I started to suspect this to be the case I'm so glad I've finally got a diagnosis it feels like it's been a long time coming so I'm very new to all this so my question is what do I do to help myself some days are really painful some are okay am I supposed to claim a benefit or do I leave it, I've already got gabapentin which I was prescribed around year and half a go to help with the pain and my consultant told my that I will be starting this too see if this helps thanks sorry for long winded msg

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Hi elliebelly1 , and a warm welcome to this lovely forum.

If you go to our mother site at you will find lots of useful information there - just go to the top of the page and click on information.

The best thing you can do is pace yourself. Don't overdo things on a day when you're feeling less pain.

You will get lots of tips and advice from other members here. x

All I can add is at least you had extensive tests to rule out other illnesses and conditions. Now you've got a diagnosis it's a case of learning what helps you and your pain. Depending on how knowledgeable and interested your GP is ( mine is at the far reach of 0 on both of both of those but others have great support) you'll be able to discuss which meds might help.

It's well worth reading up on supplementary things like Epsom salts, heat pads, tens machines ( my saviour) etc.. I find using the things that help a little each gets me through the flares.

thank u I've found heat helps me the problem is that It takes me a couple of hours to warm up hot baths are a godsend at the moment,mornings and nights are by far the worse it's awful

Hi there, welcome to our very friendly and supportive group. I have had Fibro for 35 yrs it took 10yrs for me to get a diagnoses and can remember going through all the tests and xrays. I remember been worried out of my mind and was thankful when they put a name to what was happening with me.

Unfortunately back in the day there was nothing like forums, medications, pain clinics etc for anyone with Fibro. Now I'm 62 and raised 2 kids and managed to work in to my forties. I now realise there is a life after fibro. Even though I am now a wheel chair user and some days are not good to say the least. I have learnt not to dwell on the past or worry about the future I always try and live in the now.

And it always pays to listen to my body it will always let me know when things are not right or I've over done something. It's a learning curve that's for sure. You have to learn what works for you. This may be something that doesn't work for others but has long as it works for you that's what counts :)

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Locked posts to this community tend to get more replies from other members xx


Hi elliebelly1,

I'vebeen taking gabapentin for approx. 3 years. I tried pregabalin prior to this, stopped because of terrible side effects.

Gabapentin has helped greatly. I started off on a low dose now seem settled no 900mg three times a day, no negative side effects. Also it's not broken down by the liver, which is a plus for giving your liver a break.

I do still have flares, but I've found it to be helpful.

Apologies for the ramble, hope it makes sense and I hope gabapentin helps you. Let us knowhow you get on with it.

thanks for your reply I've not actually been taking the gabapentin not even sure if they still in date will have too check I'm what people class as a pain sufferer I try and try too manage without anything all the time and hope it goes away thinking maybe I'll be better in the morning or something but it never is, I don't like taking tablets and I'm worried that I'm going to be stuck on pain pills the rest of my life. I rely on my car so far I've had no issues with driving hopefully this stays this way I'm not sure how other people are driving but I would be lost without it, couldn't even imagine having to walk when I'm in so much pain sometimes, thinking if I'm taking meds then I'll lose concentration etc but I'm at my wits end with all this so will literally try anything

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