I'm writing up my fibromyalgia conference notes

And there is so much to wade through! I can't quite believe I learnt so much. Hopefully there will be some things you all find useful, and I will of course include all relevant links to websites.

I shall let you know when my first write up is ready.

For ease and so as not to bore you, and break Health Unlocked with such huge amounts of info, I will be adding the write up to my blog. Therefore, for those of you who would like the link to my blog, let me know and I'll send you all the details when it's ready.

I'll also add a few brief notes to a post here later in the week too.

Karen xx

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  • Hi smartcarkaz

    I'd like the link to your blog please. Thanks(in advance) for all your hard work.

    m x

  • Hi there, am new to all this stuff. The confusion that goes with all this is not really helping.

    Much appreciate the effort made on your part to find the information to help everyone, so thank you . Apologies if i'm not making much sense, what i'm trying to say is any info you can give would be helpful.


    Steve xx

  • Thank you so much, I shall look forward to reading your blog and finding out as much as I can what went off.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x x

  • Hope you are having fun as well as working :) blog address please ginseng

  • I would love to have the link aswell please.

    Thank you.

  • Me too! Me too! Please :)

  • I would also like a link to your blog. Thank you so much for doing this.

    With kind regards

    Jane 🌻

  • Wonderful, Karen, and I'm putting my hand-up too, yes please for the link to your blog...

    Warmest thanks for all you do and gentle sunny wishes :-)

    Kindest wishes, RockRose

  • Thanks defiantly want to follow your blog and are they holding conference again next year ? ... Can't remember if I already asked you ? . Thanks for taking time to keep us all in the loop , it's very kind and time consuming for you ... Much appreciated :)

  • May i have link when up and running please

  • Gosh, what a response!! I'm working on it now guys and will be in touch with part 1 very soon. xx

  • That's great Karen, don't forget you can do in a group message if easier - you can add 10 people to any one message at a time :)

  • Ooh lovely, thanks :)

  • Hi Karen, count me in

  • And me too please!

  • Me too please!

    Thank you. Linda

  • me too

  • Hi Karen

    Well done, sounds really intereting! Please can you send me the link to your blog?x

  • Hi I would very much like to have link also. Thanks in advance. X

  • Hi yes please I'd love a link to your blog.

  • Hello smartcarkaz ~

    YES PLEASE, I would very much appreciate a link to access your blog, for which I thank you in advance :)

    Before I close also have to say: many, many thanks for the time and effort it's taking you to write up your notes on FIBCON. I was so disappointed I was unable to attend, and hope you had a good time there :)

  • Could I have the link too please :-) Both me and my boyfriend have Fibromyalgia and any information would be gratefully received :-)

  • Thanks for all your time and hard work!!! I'd very much like to be included, as well ...

    This is such a great contribution to the Forum ~ everyone is eager to receive, as you can see!

  • I'd like the link please xx

  • Yes please to your blog x

  • Hi Smartcarkaz I would like to link your blog, many thanks kim xx

  • I am very excited about this as seek more understanding of my/our condition. Please add me to your blog or send details. What exactly is a Fibro conference? Is it just for health professionals?

    Many thanks in advance. Please don't over do it, I think your idea of bite size chunks is a great idea. I have something to look forward to! 😀

  • Can you add me in too please? No idea what, where or who runs these Fibro conferences so keen to learn more and curious about your blog. .....intriguing!!

  • Hi. All the best with it. And yes, I'll like the link please. Thank you.

  • hi my FIBRO friend thanks for working so hard for us would love a link too please

  • Hi. I am interested in your blog. Not sure how it works but can you send me the link? Thanks. Eileen.

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