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medication.... Good or Bad

I am on a cocktail of medications and dont really know if they work together to help or hinder....

I take each day or as prescribed,

Dtrans durogesic patches 25mg every 72 hours (morphine)

cocodamol 30/500 as required

pregablin 150mg twice a day

diclofenac 75mg SR twice a day

furosemide 20mg once a day

cipramax 20mg once per day

zopliclone 7.5mg as required

salbutamol inhaler as required

biotene mouthwash and gel as required

dermol 500 twice a day

P20 apply once a day

voltorol gel as needed

axsain cream as required

I also have other cream and lotions which I use for cold sores, mouth ulcers and excema as needed.

have you any thoughts or observations, I have fibro, SLE, Sjorgrens, oesteo arthritis, heel spurs, plantar facitisis.......

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Whoa Pix, thats a whole cocktail of drugs you are taking. I suppose it is difficult to know what helps and what doesn't when you take that many but am no expert on advising one way or the other. I hate taking loads of different tablets especially when they all seem to fight against each other but if needs must....

Only thing I can suggest is to talk to your GP and ask their advice.

Take care, Angela xx


bet you rattle pix! i can only have paracetemol for pain, salbutamol, thyroxin, statins,asprin, sertraline and flecainide, so dont even know what most of those are! i think about 5 of what you take are pain relief?

My gp and local chemist between then do meds checks twice a year and try to reduce where possible. a very good service too


Wow that is a lot, I thought my cupboard at home looks like chemist, but I don't take half as much. I agree with comments above if u are really concerned about your medication you should discuss it with you GP. Even speak with a pharmarcist, as he/she may be able to tell if any conteract with each other, but never stop taking any medication without your doctor telling you too. Your GP knows you individually and all our medication is tailored to our personal needs, just ask for a full review on all your medications as there is a lot more benificial medications now out there that you may find help you better. I recently got my celebrex stopped due to side effects it could have and now take brufen retard 800mg x2 at night. I find this helps me, but all our pain is different and what is right for one of us may not be the right choice for someone else.


Hi well one of the medications you are taking is suppose to have been stopped, and that's the dicofenac doctors were suppose to stop prescribing it as it was thought to cause heart problems in long term use. i was taking it up to last August and was changed to Naproxen. so i would check on that if i was you. And i don't see why they can not give you tramadol instead of the morphine and cocodamol both rather addictive although any meds especially pain killers can be addictive but why have two when you can have one. you can ask your doctor for a review of all your medication and ask for alternatives if you feel something is not working always remember you do not have to just take what the doctor prescribes you can always ask for alternatives such as physio. but one thing anyone taking an anti- inflammatory should always be taking an ant acid to protect the stomach.

good luck with it all love.


whoa thats a cocktail alright i thought i was enough but got right mixture ther bless you i do laugh though when i go to chemist and they call my name and hand me a carrier bag lol love to you and your not alone diddle x


WOOOOW tht definately is a concocsion I think only talking to the experts would help as you have so much going on and of course Doctors have to know what they are doing with medications because of interactions! and the 1st thing that happens when trying you on something else it will alert them on screen if causes interaction and if not on theres it will in the pharmacy.If you are having problems with anything am sure you would notice when taking a new one if you feel different to the regular things you take.

Personaly i cannot take any anti-inflamatorys and Diclofenic is a major no no for me i was so ill after an op taking them. It is difficult for both you and doctors as we are guinea pigs in a way trying something different..

I take,

Pregabalin (did take Neurontin-made me ill before that was Amitrypitiline)

paracetomols, co-dydromol (before that codeine 60mg or tramadol but did not go with pre gabalin personaly for me)


Half-inderel 160mg.

So i am on such a minor few compared to you!! Get 2nd opionions if you are not entirely happy becaue it does take time and trials to find the rite thing but thats what doctors are for and they have to have the patience and knowledge to help you!!.

All the very best in getting answers you need and the help. xxxx


I am a retired pharmacist (10yrs) and have had fibromyalgia and other related problems for at least 14years.

From work experience I know that drugs can often interfere with the actions of another drug and I also know that nobody knows all of them because the action of a drug on any patient can never be guarenteed. People do react differently.

My own surgery do have a system of checking medication once a year for everyone using more than 2 drugs

You need to be firm with your doctor to get this done soon or go to your usual pharmacist and arrange for him (or her) to do a review Any recommendatios can be sent to your doctor.

Let us know how you get on


I do need to do this sooner than later, thanks for the words and support, pixie


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