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5.30 am GREAT !!!!

why is it i am on here (which i love being on here by the way) and when i look out all the houses in my road all their lights are off and everyone else is sound asleep ??????????

oh well perhaps one day my body will let me get up at 7 am now that would be a heck of a lie in !

on top of that i got up at 5 am with upset stomach as my ibs is playing up at the min lovely .

Oh well now taking my doggy up top of road and back all of 5 mins but its better than nothing love to you all Diddle x

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Morning diddle,I`ve been up all night,decided to at least do something so washed ornaments,and dusted off books.Also think I`m going to go minimalist and get rid of half of it lol.

Had my bath now have to sit on bed and get some stregnth back,birds are tweeting and alls right with the world.When I have some back I will strip bed and clean the bedroom.

A friend is coming today to do the vacuuming and other cleaning that I can`t do.I have never lived in such a mess as I have been sick since xmas with flu,uti,and the most awful virus that really floored me.

Going to try and keep some in reserve today to walk my little yorkie.I have a large garden she can run round but there is nothing like a walk.

I will be in bed all weekend but I don`t care I just want my home to look cared for again.

Hope you have a good day and don`t overdo it,do you have a garden to sit in?

anyway be good to yourself love jayne xxx:-)


Morning all - I've been awake since 3.30. Did the lying in bed trying to get comfy and switch my brain off but it just didn't happen. Had to get up so I've been looking at ebay for bargains, listening to the news, and generally wishing I could get a good night's sleep for once (sorry to moan)

Very tired physically, exhausted in fact, as have had a very busy fortnight and another busy week ahead. It was such a relief yesterday to sit in the sun, feeling it warming my muscles - only took 2 painkillers, hooray! I'd rather have sun than drugs any day!

Hope your day goes well, sunny hugs x


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