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Working From Home With Fibro

Working From Home With Fibro

I have previously posted about the fact that I work from home despite having Fibro and a host of other disabilities. Some of you have asked for advice about they type of work that can be done and where to find jobs, so I thought I would post suitable jobs whenever I find them, for those of you who might want to apply.

I hope this is OK, and I am not breaking any rules.

Below is a Home Based vacancy that was posted yesterday for a Customer Service Advisor.

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Thank you / I'm very interested :-)

I'm sure lots of us Fibro sufferers would benefit hugely from working from home, if at all possible - it would enable some people to reduce benefit claims too :-)

Win win situation - thank you


Thankyou for posting this,would be great to work from wondering whether to start doing my floristry from home(used to have a florist shop) but my energy levels are not good and I can't seem to get going! Xx


Go for it....working from home will give you the opportunity to only take what orders you feel are within your energy levels allowing you to slowly build up your floristry at home. Give it a try..put an advert out for christmas table floral displays or reefs but put a dead line for orders so you dont get any last min ones. Go on go for it xxx


I too was a florist but I think the bending stretching and arthritis will be against me starting again - but good luck everybody xgins


Greetings Shazzap12

Thanks for a great post. It's good to hear positive stories.

Has anyone thought of online teaching? There are a few websites that specialise in English teaching online. Most of them want a degree, experience and a TEFL (English as a Foreign Language) qualification, so maybe good for any ex-teachers who still want to work.

I did my qualification with and took 9 months to complete online (and I was able to attend a 3 day taught course at the time) but there are many online companies specialising in TEFL. Unfortunately, my health took a dive before I finished and I wasn't able to work. I was going to work abroad once I finished so this is also great for students in order to work/travel in the holidays or gap year.

I saw this job last week teaching Spanish and Chinese students;

Great for insomniacs due to the time difference.

Stay blessed and keep up the positive posts x


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