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so fatigued i feel short of breath i cant do anything without feeling terrible


hello everyone hope your all as well as you could be . for the last couple of months my tierdness is getting worse when i wake up i feel shaky everthing i do gives me fatigue and i feel breathless and hot, my eyes go dry and blurry

and my memory is worse which i didnt feel was possible . i have had fatigue on and off for the last 7 years but this is unberallbe i just want to cry my glands in my throat are sore as well is this normal i cant cope

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Most of that sounds familiar. The shaking i get is when i have gone beyond 6 ours between meds or not eaten,,fibro fog does get worse for no known reason. When wass you last seen by rheumatologist? Or gp? You need to make them aware of these things

ok thank you i told them last week they did all the vitamin blood test and iron and its all fine which i cryed when they told me that i cant belive i feel this fautiged i thought it was maybe a vitamin problem . i have to go back to gp to talk about these problems i got to make a follow up with her im really struggling with the most simple things xxx


Hi there yes I agree the fatigue is awful as stops you in your tracks from doing what you set out to do each day, I agree with nurse Gladys book in again with your gp to follow up what has been going on with you. I too have cfs think like yourself gets me down as mine as got worse this year. The soreness in your throat /glands is common in me/cfs . Wishing you well in your appointment give us an up date as to how you are doing warm wishes . If you would like to lock your future posts it generally gets more responses from our members as only our forum can see and not open to other site engines on the internet xxxxxx

ok thank you i didnt know that about the post x i will keep you update thank you for answering me xxx

My fatigue and brain fog, muscle aches, soreness has got so much worse these past couple of months. I feel lifeless and very off balance. I know how you feel. I am waiting to hear the blood tests results I had yesterday. vitamin d, e.s.r. as it is high amongst other tests. don't understand initials for blood tests. Hope you feel better soon and you are not alone feeling the way you do. xx

hope it all goes well at doctors for you xxxxand your symptoms ease xxxx


Go to doctors get medication to help you Fibromyalgia will get worse if you do nothing

louloumorgan in reply to Hidden

thank you i will my doctor justs fobs me off but i will go back i cant g on like this xxx

Hidden in reply to louloumorgan

Hello loud when I first got fibro 15 years ago I thought my world had came to an end I hated the world But the NHS have been brilliants Iv got even worse things now but I try to be happy that’s what you got to do

louloumorgan in reply to Hidden

Thank you i do try so hard sometimes i think to hard . I will just go back to doctors again Xxx

Hi louloumorgan 🌸🦋

How are your thyroid levels? If low it can make you feel really exhausted. My autoimmune disease destroyed my thyroid. I hope you feel better soon Gentle hugs 🤗 love 💕 and kisses 😘.


Hello honeybug . I think they did test my thyriods and vitamins level and they are all normal . I will just go back to gp again thank you . Hugs to you as well Xx

😊🌸 🤗💕😘

Furface in reply to louloumorgan

I was going to ask you about thyroid problems though Honeybug beat me to it. I have Fybromyalgia and M.E, had been going downhill very fast and Dr kept saying there was nothing wrong with me. He was wrong. First of all he didn't do a full check on thyroid, only TSH and secondly even though he said nothing was wrong, it was out of range but he just ignored it and wanted me to take anti depressants. I have since done a thorough private test with Medichecks and that told me different. Having got copies of all my medical records backdated to 20 years, I discover that for more than ten years I have had thyroid problems and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism yet they were happy for me to not be treated for it.

I can only say take with a pinch of salt what your dr says, they unfortunately know very little about the thyroid and rarely know how to interpret tests. If your cholesterol level is slightly high, be ready for them to recommend you go on statins and if you are low in mood, they'll offer you anti depressants. This does not address the issue, it is just a sticking plaster cop out! If you post your thyroid results on here, admin are very helpful and there are loads of us who also are on this journey. I was told there was nothing they could do for me and that I had to learn to live with it.

Incidentally, I am now self medicating with NDT and have so much less pain than before, have got my vitamin levels to optimum,(not just 'in range') and feel much better. I am getting my life back after more than 20 years of being ill . . . . Worth investigating?

louloumorgan in reply to Furface

thank you for all that information its very usefull . they dont always know everthing and my doctors really dont take much notice i will try and post my thyriod resulte on here that would be good if someone could make senece of this im glad your in less pain then before hugs xxxx

Yes I feel like you most days and if I get a reasonable day I then try to do a catch up on all my outstanding jobs in the house. It’s not easy to deal with the fatigue because people think you are just tired. I go all shaky and weak and have to sit down all the while. Lying in bed doesn’t help either. When blood tests don’t show anything my GP is satisfied nothing serious wrong. Very frustrating

I think it makes it harder because people dont understand . Even my husband gets annyoed with me . I supose we have to do the best we can and be thankful for what we do have Xxx

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