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Just been Diagnosed with FM

Hi I've just been diagnosed by an Orthopaedic Doc whom I have seen for 2nd time. He said he would write & inform my GP, also refer me to pain clinic as I need a cortizone injection in my right hip. I'm just carrying on takin'&2g my normal medication but feel its not giving me much relief. How long does it usually take to get the appointment for pain clinic. Ortho Doc told me they would discuss pain relief with me there. Should I go back to my own GP in the meantime as I am in agony?

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hi there ,if you are in agony go to your gp he can atleast tell you how long you may have to wait to see pain clinic ,and maybe give you somthing in the meen time ,

hope you get some joy with gp

tc xxx


Hi,I do hope your cortisone works but from experience of fibro they didn't work for me and the wierd pains seem to just appear in all sorts of places so I now try not to focus on pain otherwise it will consume you,see the bigger picture if you can.Use your pain relief and pace yourself carefully,don't stop what you enjoy or need to do just PACE. The pain clinic should teach you everything about how to deal with Fibro I have always tried to keep a happy head and can do attitude not easy but I only have Fibro because a doctor says so without a definitive test so my pain WILL be gone.Good luck be safe be happy


Hello, sorry to hear you have had to join us in our FM family but at least you have a diagnosis. That will help you a lot in making claims for things you might need such as a blue badge, DLA etc. Have a good root round here and look for answers to the many questions you will have. Maybe get yourself Fibromyalgia for Idiots, as its a very helpful book. You may find others doubt your diagnosis, or odd complaints occur - you can get reassurance, support and help here.

I am sorry, it would have been nice to have said welcome, and I may sound a bit down, but personally I would rather not have FM. I hope we can help. :)

Soft hugs


with this condition we have we never know what each day is going to bring. pain we know. has any body tried the tens machine or a circulation booster. did it help . as these are opitions im thinking of trying .gp advices massages how does one afford it can the discomfort be bareable for thebenifit.


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