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Sunny again! yay!

Morning all - just popping on quickly as going to try and stay in the garden before Formula One later. Had a good day reading in the garden yesterday although I couldn't get comfortable at all. But hey, the birds were singing, the frogs in the pond were croaking happily and my cat was purring under the sunbed. Hope it will be the same today.

BUT note to self* remember to put on more suncream... ;-)

Hope you all have a good day xxxx

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Enjoy the sunshine!! xx


Hi lucky you we had sun yesterday out in a cardigan not today though it is really dull and quite chilly so you enjoy your garden and the sun while you can love to you diddle xxx


Not sunny here, it's grey and quite chilly. S'not fair lol :)


sunny here tooo, enjoy the sunshine hun. lou x


Hi misskittycat,

Hope you have a lovely restful day hun,

It is lovely here too, my kids are out playng so i have a little bit of peace to come on here, i shoud actually sit outside and get some vitamind shouldnt i lol.

take it easy, kel xxx


Sun is great! I no longer wear sun cream at this time of year as I have Vitamin D deficiency and the sun is the best thing for it! So bring it on! Many people now have Vit D deficiency (not just people with fibro) and this is because of too much high factor sun cream. Of course in the hot weather I use lowest factor I can find but don't sit out when it's too hot. Half an hour is plenty, though at this time of year longer is good :-)

Also, yesterday was the first day I didn't need to laie down and/or sleep in the day, huzzah!


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