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lovely day

what great weather weve been having for the last couple of days.

ive decided that ive had enough and im gonna shift this weight had always been about 11stone 3 (im 5ft 6) but cos old man was home for a few weeks he fed me ! so now weigh 11 stone 7! started yesterday doing the rosemary conerly but not as a diet as a way of life most of the women in my family hit 40 and have diabetes and cos i had it thru my pregnancies and had to inject insulin im a high risk so just got up slowly on the thursday and decided enough was enough!

im sure it wont hurt and maybe have a slight less pressure on my knees and hips as having alot of pain in them at the moment.

today pain isnt too bad but my hads are swollen and fingers feel like they are broken!! but have magaged a long walk with dogs and 10 mins on my horsey exercise machine

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I' only 5'1" and 12 stone! have had underactive thyroid all my life and immobile for 12 years. although i done eat much these days and try to eat healthily i still need the exercise i cannot have. The doctors nurse just said "you dont stand a chance!" thanks nursey thats really what i wanted to hear. I hope you succeed where i fail xxx


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