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Council tax reduction???

I got a I got a council tax decision notice...I don't know what it says as of 1st of April 2013 to 31st March 2014 working age scheme reduction weekly reduction £14'86 if that's how much they want me to pay then I can't...I didn't pay my electric this month which is £60 cos I had no food in the house I live on rice cakes wholemeal bread peanut butter jam quorm ham and cereal a treat would be a pot noodle I have not had a take away that includes chips for over a year...and my friend paid for it cos I was so low to chear me up...what does reduction mean I don't understand the letter and I feel sick with worry please help.

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Squadron is my stupid predictive text means as of...and Berkley is working a age this me panicking I feel like panic attack coming on


What it means is most if not all councils have changed the way they give one it seems will be getting 100% rebate anymore... So if before you didn't have to pay council tax due to not earning enough... Eg my family... We had the same letter plus the council tax bill for the next coming year and we will only get 75% rebate this year so we will have to pay 10 instalments of £24 pounds, like you every penny we get is accounted for so we are going to have to rejuggle money about as we don't drink drive or smoke not sure what's left to juggle.

VG x



i am concerned that you're not managing to eat properly.

Benefits aren't generous, but they will usually allow for you to have a reasonable supply of basics. Are you sure you are getting all you are entitled to? x

Moffy x


I don't know I live on my own in one bed flat..I used to work and I have credit in still paying for..I have to buy clothes from catololouge cos they are to expensive..I am paying for a mobility scooter £50 a month Tec I just don't have £15 spare I don't drink smoke even go out ...I just have to not eat or cancel my sky that's only £29 a month and my only entertainment ..I'm in a mess and I see no way out other than take every pill in my jar..I can't afford to live life is crap any way so mabe I do goverment and myself a favour and just end it now there is nothing to live for nothing to look Forward to..Just pain and poverty.. they don't count your bills or expenses I missed my physio Thursday as I had no money for a. Cab £25it was raining I have no cover as can't accord one cor my mobility I can't use crutches cos of pain in my arms...I have no future I can't do my job any more I loved it I trained bard for it I worked for nothing to get experience I'm finished at 47..people say I look30 after the amount of stress iv had in my life I'm surprised I don't look 97'''I. Ant do this any more..I hate my life


I've been where you are, it's hell, but there will be another way out.

I tried to end my life last nov, it didn't work so I felt even worse! Thankfully people on here were so very supportive, I couldn't believe that so many people cared.

From that episode I learnt a very important lesson - I've learnt to ask when I need help.

I thought that there was no way out but I was wrong.

I was given suggestions of people to speak to, number one being my GP, then CAB. I spoke to turn2us, then the benefits advisor, both online & phone (to be sure) I got an advocate to speak for me to debtors & ESA panel.

Once I began to get help I relooked at my life & was able to see what things I may be able to change. Little by little things started to look up & I'm sure it could for you too.

Please go to your doctor, or if you don't feel able, write him a letter. The important thing is to tell him the truth. He can't change your council tax but he can help you find a way out of your despair.

There will be a way to improve your life. Take that first step - please

Take care of yourself - you do matter!

Cobweb xx


This is long shot but look for adult social services in your area they are brilliant and are willing to help. There is so much help you can get. If you dont mind me asking what area are you? i can look for that help if you want me to hunni.

Please dont take them pills all of us on here have been threw it. I sometimes dont eat so i can feed my children.

Also there are food banks if things become worse. All you need is a voucher thing but you can fine more info online. hope some of this helps xx


Also there is a fund that you apply to the council so you dont have to pay extra every week they dont like to tell people about this tho.


I know how bad you feel things are I took the washing out the machine the other day and realised my OHs T shirt was one I bought him 20 Years ago and The only time i get new clothes is for Christmas off my mum... She gave me money for my birthday I paid the water bill with it.. I too have to get taxis to appts fortunately I have an agreed overdraft at the bank... When I go into the black they send me a congratulations card... I am 48 on walking sticks or hospital crutches and have a mobilty scooter with no cover so I spend days, weeks in the house so I can sympathise with all you say. The best thing I can think of is get to CAB or something similar ... Please someone suggest something where you can find out what benefits you are entitled to

VG x


Please go and see your GP you are obviously extremely low you need to be properly cared for etc and hopefully some much needed help and support will come your way if you need a listening ear don't hesitate to contact me you can pm me anytime also the Samaritans are fantastic,you are important don't forget that,take care lots of loving hugs sent your way,Dellaxxx


Hello Littlemisshurty,

I am so sorry you feel the way you do at the moment and it sounds like you have lots of things to worry about which may be contributing to your low mood and you are possibly having increased symptoms because of this. There is help out there so try to keep strong.

As Della said you should consider going to your GP and please explain the way you are feeling and he/she can advise the best course of treatment to help you during this acute phase. If you ever feel you need help immediately due to your low mood /depression please seek medical advice straight away by either ringing NHS Direct or go to your local A&E.

If you need to talk , please consider ringing the Samaritans. They are there 24/7 and the service is useful if you feel you need to talk about a recent stressful event


08457 90 90 90

I wonder also if you need an advocate, have you got a MIND anywhere near you?

Please see further information in this link below


Also the CAB online may provide information on benefits you may be entitled to and may provide answers to the letter you have received about Council Tax reduction.

There are also other organisations you may like to talk to for advice on benefits , listed on the Fibroaction website

Please know we are here on the forum so you can talk and we understand. We will always try to help you with information and support you through these times. We all have periods where we feel low and I expect many of the members will agree that by all helping each other is how this forum works best!

Try to keep you chin up



Hi Littlemisshurty

Hopefully some one will be able to help with your finances. Have you tried Citizen advice bureaux?.

We live in rented accommodation and as it's a housing association they have a person who can check to ensure you get what you should be getting.

I really feel for you as we had a neighbour who was in similar situation but her family managed to get her into a nursing home. this is a great idea if you are at least of retirement age but if not then you want a bit of independence, Please try the CAB as they are great at sorting out peoples finances.

We are living by selling some of our stuff on Amazon and E-Bay, when that runs out we will be in trouble but at least we have a large family that we could rely on if necessary. .

It seems to me that all the benefits we get will soon be history as well as us if things don't change with this ATOS thing.

This is so unfair that people like you should have to suffer like this just because the government think there are scroungers. well yes there are but there are 101 ways to find the scroungers without hurting and killing those that are real.

Sorry for my rant (I'm not really)

Take good care and kindest wishes



I agree that you should go to CAB - they are very good at sorting out debts and benefits. they might even be able to get you some help with your scooter.

Maybe you should make this a priority - you have nothing to lose by going to ask advice, but go well- prepared with all your details and documents.

Good luck!

Moffy x


Thank y o u all so much..I fell asleep been asleep all day in exhausted...I can't ring Samaritans cos my sister is one . But I will contact the others ..I can't think right now head is not with it..'m thank you I'm just hoping reduction don't mean that's how much to pay cos I can't .why don't they write in plain English I don't know what it all means going crazy hair falling out..but if I can't get help I don't have a choice..


a reduction is how much they are taking off.

after deductions = how much is left to pay.

eg jf a bill is £200 - reduction of 75%, after deduction leaves 25% to pay

£200 - £150 = £50

£50 is the bill in that example.

hope that helps.

You can ring the samaritans and ask to speak to a man.

please seek help, ring the CAB, and ring your local council and ask for a number for an advocate. they are classed as "advocate for vulnerable adults" I got one & she was excellent and totally confidential, they act for you.



Only skimmed through the other posts, not up to reading them sorry!! so it may have been mentioned, but I think if you are on benefits you can claim your travelling expenses back for hospital visits,and this is done within the hospital, so you don't have to wait to get the money, so so sorry you are having a terrible time, contact a welfare officer, in Scotland they have welfare officers in the Housing Offices, for the Tenants, please please contact someone who can help you. (((SOFT WARM HUGS)))


Big soft hugs back elliexx


contact CAP (Christians against poverty} they are a money/debt management agency.You don't need to be very overdrawn,they will still help.They will help by drawing a budget up for you and ensuring that you have a reasonable amount for food.You pay them an agreed amount each month and they pay your bills off for you in order of priority.Its good because they deal with the people you owe money to which takes the stress off can google them or they will probably be in the phone book x


1st thing monday I will ring them .. Thank u. I fell asleep ad times writing this.


Hi where it says you have a reduction, its the amount you have been awarded. Work out what your council tax is a week deduct it and it will be what you have to pay. But in any event dont worry you can only pay what you have. Get an appointment with them write down all your incomings and outgoings. If you have a bank account take a statement with you, and just tell them as it is. If you live with anyone the money they have could be taken into account that is why it is so important to get the right help.

Dont want to nag and we all know as fibros we cant be bothered but please try and eat a bit better. I know money is short but you can get a chicken for four pounds and you can have 2 meals out of it and then make a soup with a few veg out of it.

Good luck and please go for it.

Take care

Bye for now love A xx


Just a thought for those of you who are having to get taxis, no one seems to have mentioned dial-a- ride, or community transport. You don't need to be elderly, just have difficulty using public transport ie difficulty walking whether your problem is physical or mental health,or if you are young or old it doesn't matter. You just register with them, usually through the council office, then you are entitled to book either free transport if you have a bus pass, or fair price if not. There is no guarantee that they are always available, but the beauty is that they take you door to door. You won't need to prove your disability. It has to be worth checking into, it's a wonderful service!

Hope this is of help to any of you

Cobweb. Xxx


Annabel I'm vegetarian since I was 16 I don't eat chicken or fish...I live on Brown bread rice cakes peanut butter I have a embodiment if I have a friend or mum and dad over but I mowed dinner yesterday as I was asleep and in to much pain...I will check all these things out if I can keep awake.thank you so much xxx


Why not cancel your Sky subscription and just use Freeview? that's all I have and there's always something on worth watching. Having money to buy food is more important than television. Don't mean to sound harsh but £24 a month could make a big difference to you.


Its all I have it my broadband and phone I have no friend or family I alone and even if I do give it up its not enougj to cover council tax which is were it will go not food..thete is nothing else I can do to get more money iv tried to sell stuff but all places want is gol and electricsmmand when iv paid a bill with it where does next bill come from.. I don't drink smoke or go out so my tv is all I have


if you ring sky and ask for cancelations, and say its to expensive or you would stay with them, they always try get you to stay with them and reduce yr payments, youve got friends on here so please come on and give us a good moan when you need it...i would in yr case right down exactly what you put up above .how you feel e.c.t......and hand it to yr dr. as when you go you forget half of what you need to say.....just hand her yr note and say this is what you feel.....wishing you all the best.....j xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Well my broad band is £7 my phone£14 so my tv is basic if I give up my broadband I won't be able to get on here...I got my water bill in and it's £15 a month cheaper I was paying £35 a month..I also rang the council and it turns out my council tax will be £40a I won't have to give up my broadband and phone..I yet any way and tv is my only way out of real life he'll so to me it is important I don't have the spare cash to buy a freeveiw box and a new Arial..I wish I had not asked for advice on the council tax cos now im made to feel like I have to justify £4odd pound a month tv when it's all I have...less than the price of a pack of ciggerettes.very upset all I wanted to know was what did reduction mean


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