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eyes wont stop spasming!!!!!

my eyes have been spasming, all day, the muscles keep twitching and shaking.

has any one else had this? my arms and legs also have random ticks and tremmors, and my face sometimes pulls funny expressions without me wanting too!! i also sometimes laugh with out wanting too. i must sound mad!!!! please tell me there is someone else with the same!

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Hi, I get the eye spasms...weirdest feeling and irritating! Not sure what my face does....I often pull weird faces cos I want to!!!!

However, you're not mad!

Take care...gentle hugs. Bumble


hi mellissa my eyes twitch so does the rest of my body .im not sure about pulling faces but i get a lot of pain in my face n gaw.ive only been thinking today that im getting worse i stutter n cant get the words out i want to my coordination is poor n my balance is getting worse.i often wonder were will it end take care hun xxx


my eyes have always plagued me to be honest. I get blurred vision and like a film goes over my eyes, I blink a couple of times and it goes, But last night, my eyes frightened me. I was okay one minute and then the nest they sort of went all jagged, like the way plates move with earthquakes. It was black and white and was really scary, my eyes weren't me, After a couple of minutes it stopped but to be honest it's still frightening me. I wear glasses all the time now and when I don't have them on I'm practically blind, I'd hate to lose my vision all together. That happened to me once for a whole month, a few years back but after a month my eye vison came back but that was when I had to start wearting glasses. P.s sorry about typo;s lol. Big hugs and much love babes, lol we all the same aren't we? xxxxxx


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