Eyes !

Just been to optitions again , I only went 6 months ago as eyes were being effected then and had to wear glasses all the time , I have to have stronger ones again , is anyone else effected with fm and their eyes , its upset me as its progressed quick , since I only went 6 months ago.

what with waiting for chronic fatigue clinic , phycaitrist , and cbt clinc I feel im falling apart and ive be3n so strong, like ive taken a big step back , even my hubby doesnt know what to say .

I maybe thought I wouldnt become worse , sorry to go on just needed to speak with people who understand , big hugs angie xxxxx

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  • Yep im the same it changes all the time x

  • Hi broadband, yes it's a symptom of fibro, it affects the vision, I once had my eyes tested and three different pairs of glasses in four months, , one time I can't see out of them the next time they are too strong, ect, they do settle but the vision fluctuates, it makes sense if you think about it, we have muscles behind the eyes too, so now and again they get affected, that is how it was explained to me, when you think that this fibro affects all the muscles ligaments, tendons and nerve endings, they make up best part of our body don't they, so I guess it stands to reason it's going to affect almost every part of our bodies, even the muscle in my throat keeps going in to spasms.. I guess we must just be thankful that it isn't an illness that is going to kill us is it., do hope this helps you a little, I do understand what you are going thru...gentle hugs...Dee xx

  • Hi cookie , I have the same happening with my throat it keeps going into spasms to , I went to drink a cup of tea the other day and nearly burnt mouth mouth as my throat ceased up . Have you mentioned it to your doc ? Xxx

  • Hi broadband, yes my doctor knows, I had to have a bariameal X-ray, and as it was going down they said the muscle in my throat kept going into spasm as I swallowed due to the fibro, I have other muscles in my body that also keep going into spasms, the Dr up the hosp told me don't panic when it happens, keep calm I'm not going to die, infact she told me to sip some fizzy drink it will then makes me burp and the muscle will then right itself so to speak, but it isn't very pleasant and I guess no matter what they tell you it still makes you panic doesn't it, does it affect you much and what did your doc say about it...Dee x

  • morning dee xx I haven't mentioned it yet as it doesn't happen so often I will keep a record to how often I had a feeling it was the fibro , I will mention it tho , im just going through tests and eyes have got me down , and im getting appoitments through for clinics ect , but will mention it as its not very nice .

    big hugs angie xxxx

  • What a lovely lady you are! I'm new to the f.m camp and find reading these personal replies a great help to a scary world of f.m! Thanks. X

  • Hi,

    I have had so many sight tests until the optician found out I had fibro. She told me that in her experience it seemed to be a fairly common thing with fibro mites.

    Never worry about going on. We all do it and everyone here understands.



  • Hi broadband

    I have a problem with my left eye only but when I was in hospital a couple of weeks ago the doctor told me it was probably due to my Nortryptaline medication as this is one of the side effects. So I hope that my fibro will not affect my eye sight as well, as this would be a double whammy! I have not been to the opticians as of yet because I do not know if my sight will improve if my medication is amended? Are you taking any medications that could also affect your eyesight along with the fibro?

    I hope this helps you?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Yes I have problems with my eyes & my ooptician said it was a part of having fm. Sorry your feeling bad. I find that each winter I get a bit worse. Gentle hugs

  • I suffer from dry eyes which affects vision. Have to use gels

  • Hi yes I have changing vision too my prescription changes every 8 to 9 weeks. I seem to be constantly paying for something

  • Are you on any medications? For example, Amitriptyline is frequently prescribed for fibro/cfs/chronic pain and it is well known for making vision blurry and causing dry eyes. Other medications could possibly have similar effects?

  • Finally. Thanks for mentioning Amitriptyline. I'm on that and having eye probs too!

  • Hi broadband,

    Yeah I am currently seeing someone at the hospital, for my eyes as I suffer from blurred vision and find it difficult to see.

    I went to the hospital and did a test, where one of my eyes were covered and I had to press a button every time I saw a light out the corner if my eye while focusing on this other light in the centre of the dome.

    I have two appointments in march to see somebody about my results.

    Once I have the results I have to show my optitions and gd said I will probably have appointments every six months.

    Hope you are feeling better soon :)


  • hi and ty for all rplys , it means a lot .

    iam on medication , nortriptyline and lycria , but before I was put on them I found my eyes were getting worse , I also suffer with brown floaters in my left eye which he could see but there is nothing they can do with it , its just since ive been diagnosed iam getting other things added to the condition , overactive bladder , ibs , anxiety disorder , ect its crazy how this can effect us , again ty for your replys im sending warm hugs love angie xxxxx

  • Hi I too have got problems with my eyes. Everytime I go to the optician I am sent to the hospital because of pressure behind my eyes. I do not have glaucoma, they say I have dry eyes and have got drops. To top it all the hospital want me to have an operation on my right eye to lift the muscles. I go to the optician every year but could do with going more often because I can tell my eyes have deteriorated. It seems there is not end to the symptoms of fibro. I think however we do have to think about what comes along and if it is something we cannot understand we must go to our gp. Not everything is due to fibro.

    I hope I have not bored you and that your day is not too bad. Take care

    Bye for now love A xx

  • i have been to options on many times ,get serva eye pain ,and dry eyes , was told to go if i notice any changes happen to go back ,i am light sentive aswell , the worse one is pain of back of eyes , dont ignore changes with your eyes , soft hugs xx

  • Hi broadband

    I'm in the very same position as you at the minute and its really scared me. I had been at the opticians only 2 months ago needed stronger glasses for both near and far then 4 weeks ago i knew there was something wrong my sight I have been so worried went to see doc who told me to see my optician. I was there yesterday and I could have sat and cried when I was told how my sight has got so much worse in such a short time. She told me because of the fibro it tires the muscles in the eyes which then means the lens of the eyes dont work properly. I have to get varifocals which I can't even afford. Being on ESA I can get them half price which is more money than I get a week to live on. I cant stop worrying and like yourself its such a setback for me and I think about what the future has in store. Not being able to see properly is the scariest thing ever and my stomach is constantly in knots 24/7 over it. I completely understand what your going through, only wish we weren't though.

    Sending you big hugs (I sure could be doing with one myself right now)


  • Kitty a big hug back , xxxx

  • Hi broadband, and everyone else who has shared experiences of FMS and links with eyes. Thank you for raising this issue and all the helpful advice.

    I have been worried about changes in my sight for over a month, but had a sight test in August and new glasses which seemed perfect at the time.

    I saw my GP this morning and she said my eyes are very dry. This could be a result of the meds (I am on amitriptyline and pregabolin). She prescribed eye drops for daytime and ointment to be used at night : Lacrilube.

    She said I should go back to my optician if worried about changes in my sight or blurry vision.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    I'm fairly new to this forum, but find it so beneficial. Thank you, all, for your contributions.

  • HI Angie

    Yup, my eyes have been changing too. my right eye appears to have been somersaulting and changing axis quite extremely and I get the shadows, and flashes too. My doc referred me too eye hospital after the optician left the decision down to him :o My appointment is next week and I'm squeamish and don't like going, yes, I've been before approx 2 1/2 years ago :o Though the sight in my right eye has weakened a lot this last 6 months but I'm not sure if its the fibro or hypermobility syndrome causing weakness of the eye muscle or not :o

    I'm dreading it :( The stools they make you sit on for machines they use to look in your eyes etc always leave me in pain for a couple of days afterwards too. Hey ho! I have to go though!

    Try not to worry too much and get some relaxation into your day to help you relax

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • i have just sat here gobsmacked!!! every week i learn something , that, having been panicking myself sick with worry over, is because of my fibro and most incredible of all , I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE !! i have spent so long alone with these health problems that i am almost relieved ( Sorry - dont mean it nastily ) to find out i am not alone. i had been having problems for so long that back in 2002, i finally took the bull by the horns and decided to go to the doctor to try to find out what was wrong with me and why i was getting worse, physically. i was given all manner of reasons until i was finally diagnosed with oesteoarthritus amongst other things and things finally started to fall into place and start making some sense, then 4 years ago , i was sent for more tests and it was found that i had also been suffering from fb. but i was told that they were still learning about it and that was that , so to speak. i am now 48. i have always had perfect eyesight, so i thought , well , at least i still have one thing about me that doesnt hurt when i move or breathe, yeah, wrong!!! a couple of years ago , i went blind in my right eye for 2 days, which as well as frightning to wake up that way , was also very weird because the hospital couldnt find anything wrong with my eyes. it then got better, all by itself. then i noticed that i was finding it harder and harder to read, and i have grown up, loving reading, even thought , growing up i would like to get a job as a proof reader for books., it would get better , then worse then better again but has slowly been getting worse with not much getting better. so , i went to the local £1.00 shop and i now have 3 diffrent strength pairs of cheap reading glasses because there is no-way, like so many others these days, that i can afford , even on prescription with the vouchers and discounts, that i can afford to go to the optition. i just want to say a great big THANKYOU to everyone on this blog for taking so much of the unknown, the fear and the lonelyness from me and others, and letting us know that we are not alone, and there is hope for us all, and to broadband i just want to say, hang in there kidda, we will get there if we hang on together. big , gentle hugs and kisses for everyone xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi x all of us are going through so much and its good we all share whats happeneing together , Iam sending big warm hugs to you jinxy , hope to talk again , love angie xxxxx

  • Ty to everyone for replys , sending hugs and love xxxxx

  • Hi broadband,I haven't been on here for a while but Iam back today and it is so nice to read one of your posts but so sorry that you are going through so much.Ive occasionally wondered whether I should get my eyes checked as I suffer with such aweful headaches around my eyes,maybe I will.Do you have to pay for a check-up if you are on benefits?How was your Xmas and new year?xxx

  • Hi hun , good to speak with you again , no you wont have to pay and if you need glasses you should get a voucher and it hepls with the price of the glasses , dont know if it applies everywhere .

    I had a quiet new yeqr and xmas , how was yours hun , im sending hugs xxxxx

  • I spent Xmas day round my sisters with my kids and my mum and dad.It was nice and relaxing.Boxing day was taking the kids round their other Nan's.I stayed for a while and it was really noisy so I suffered the next day and since after Xmas I have been so run down.Thankfully the kids are back at school so it's time for me time again.Many hugs back to you xxx

  • Hi! I'm a newly diagnosed survivor of f.b! I wanted to thank you for bringing to my attention (which doesn't last long) the problem with your eyes! I have noticed that, what used to be a slightly lazy eyelid, is now noticeably worse. Off to get my eyes tested asap!

  • Let me know how you get on x hugs angie x

  • Hi Angie so sorry to hear your feeling bad. My eyes went bad at 14 due to fibro one minute I had 20/20 vision the next glasses. 10 years later I find contacts are a better option. I know that sometimes fibro makes us feel hopeless but I read an article that said we should allow ourselves those days we are mourning our health and the way we used to feel so don't punish yourself for feeling as you do. We are constantly going to face these battles while others seem to sail through life. Xx

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