HOLIDAYS ON PRESCRIPTION???????????? :) :) :)

When I read alot of the blogs they all say they feel happier when the sun is shining and that when they are having heat in some form it makes them feel better too1 so why dont we all lobby the MP s and see if we Fibromya;gia sufferes cant get a holiday every few months in the sun to help us feel better???? what do you think??? do think they will go for it????? well i am first on the list and my passport is on its way into my suitcase now !!!! love to you all Diddle x

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  • I'd defo vote for that one Diddle :) lol

  • well come ontthen girls and boys (we better ask them too!) get ya sun cream out and sunglasses on and bikinis ready9or trunks) and lets get on that plane the fibro flight to mauritius/ how does that sound??? love diddle x

  • oh diddle you do make me smile each day, book me a ticket on fibro flight x x

  • i am pleased i make you smile lou-c yep you are all booked up on fibro flight woo hoo love to you diddle x

  • lol it dont matter what we look like lol jus enjoy ha ha love to you diddle x

  • I'm all packed n ready for the tickets!!!!!!!!!!

  • yay glad you coming jus got to sort out plane/pilot etc love to you diddle x

  • What a brill idea it might save them lots on depression meds and cut down on painkillers lol x

  • You are so funny on times Diddle!!. Perhaps they could build us a specially adapted hotel for fibro sufferers with all our needs catered for including lots of sunshine. I'll be with you on the first trip lol :)

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