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WHY 4 AM????????????:(

I dont know why but after going to bed at 11 pm normally anyway and i wont say sllep as most of last night was spent shuffling about tossing/turning rearranging the bed and the many cushions etc , i probably had an hour to hour half sleep woo woo arent i the lucky one!!!!!! but for some reason my body has decided that 4 am is the time to get up so up i get cant do anything at that time of morning even the dog does not even lift his head up in case i decide to drag him out. My arms and legs are like ton weights my whole body feels like i have been in a boxing ring, i have got to go to my sister today for a bit and my mum and dad are coming today they are decorating my hall stairs and landing they have got all the paint etc new lights and they are getting me new carpets too i am so lucky they really are so good to me i thought it should be other way round i should start helping them decorate abd do their shopping? but there you go anyway i hope that you all had a good night sleep and managed to get up at a reasonable time it is now 6.30 and i have been up 2half hours lol, I have jus lookeed out at my car and it is covered in ice ????? so hope you are not waking up to that, love to you all and may be on here later love Diddle x

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Hi Diddle and Christine! Like you guys, I've forgotten what a full nights sleep is like - the only time I have got one is when I've had one two many glasses of vino and that doesn't happen often - about once a year!

I hope you both have good days - just been out de-icing my better halves car, so feel bit sore but the sun was shining so quite enjoyed it - will pay later though... :-)

Gentle hugs and good luck at the doctors xx


thats what i am now going to do have a coffee then get out there with the de icer mind you the sun is out there so hopefully by the time i have had coffeee the sun will have melted my car off bonus !!!! i dare not drink lol i have so many meds it would kill me with overdose if i had drink lol, but to be honest i not a drinker anyway so no worries. ok coffee calling love to you have great day Diddle x


Yes it is i would love to go to bed at 11pm and lay there for half hour so shut my eyes and the next thing i know my alarm is going off at 6 or 6.30 !!!! oh well ican dream perhaps one day? or failing that not have ANY pain ANYWHERE so i am not shuffling about all night ! oh well i refuse to be a moaner today i goit fibro end of story jus got to get up each day and take it as it comes. thats right isnt it ???? hope you get on ok at doctors today. well now going to have a coffeee and get that caffeine in my system perhaps that will give me a kick start love to you and type tp you later diddle x


Hi Diddle, I'm much the same as you in the fact that I dont sleep - I can drop off fairly easy (thanks to my pain meds) but within 3 hours thats me awake and just laying there trying to get comfortable and cat nap. I have a full length body pillow which helps my knees and hips.

I just wanted to ask about your caffeine intake - I was advised by my doctor to give up on caffeine as it may make a difference to sleep - it has I now get 3 hours instead of none!!! I drink de-caf tea and de-caf coffee, can't taste the difference between caffeinated brands or decaf. It may be worth a try.

Anyway gentle hugs xx


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