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Mothers Day

well, I woke up feeling like I had taken part in a marathon and then been hit by a bus as usual but was soon made to feel better by the arrival of my Mothers Day treats.

My hubby had been and got me a Low Alcohol bottle of Wine so I can have a drink without having to worry about my meds, a box of Milk Tray from my children and a box of Lindt Chocolate from him along with 2 beautiful cards.

While the feeling of being hit by the bus remains I feel al warm inside from the obvious love my family has for me despite my not being able to do much.

I know my kids understand and that is lush, even my 3 year old gets it, but that doesn't stop me feeling bad so days like this make me realise that I am the only one bothered by it.

Everyday is Mothers Day for me, each time my kids hug me to go to bed, or randomly hug me and tell me they love me I get this warm feeling I have today. Fibro has taken so much of my life but I know deep down that it can have of me what it wants because I know the one thing it will never take from me is my kids and the amazing love I have for them and the returned love I know I get from them. As long as I have that love then I feel confident that I can challenge anything that this illness feels fit to throw at me.

The pic below is of my best friend Kaggy and my Children, Jack, Ashleigh (in the stripped shirt, she was going through a massive tomboy phase) and mine and Jakes daughter Grace being held by Kaggy.

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Yes me too every ay is mothers day when your kids call you or do something nice for you. you enjoy your kids they grow up too fast love to you Diddle x


ah yeah it was too big, I will try again in a bit.


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