a good website i found that breaks it down on different symptoms.... found it really useful

fibromyalgia-sympt/oms.org/... here is the website. found this really helpful when i had new pain etc. helped alot as it breaks it all down into individual symptoms. i learnt alot more about fibro after comin across this and now if i have new pain i always go back to see if it is connected to the fibro and 9/10 times i will find it on here so it makes me not panic lol

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  • yeah i think everything that i have now or get i put down to fibro in my own mind then i go on here and someone else has the same thing and i think oh good i am not going mad and i am def not alone love to you diddle x

  • thank you diddle.... n no ya not lol.. such a complex condition that at time i think i goin mad to lol x x havin a low day today... have dreaded anyone askin if i alright in fear i gonna burst into tears lol... stupid but it gets ya like that x x sendin love back x x

  • Thanks for that, Have just been officially given the diagnosis of Fibro. This could be usefull to show my g.p. Thanks

  • unable to find via link. :(

  • Me either. :(

  • fibromyalgia-symptoms.org i tried it took me straight there x

  • try this fibromyalgia-symptoms.org and go to symtoms xx x x hope you find it

  • i just tried it and it took me straight there x

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