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hi im new to group, glad i stumbled on it as i cant believe that there are other people out there that have the same symptoms as me, i was begining to think a lot of the symptoms i have were in my head, was just wondering if anyone else suffers from severe itchyness, i actually scratch my self that much i end up bleeding and the itch is still there x

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  • hi sparkydaw yes my arms itch like hell today has been a bad day been scracthing at work not a good look

  • i know how u feel its really embarresing especialy when ur somewhere that ppl dont know u and ur sitting there clawing urself to pieces xx

  • Hi, are you taking Tramadol? That can cause itching. If not, it might be worth checking the side effects leaflets you get with your medication. It's most likely to be that. I find it's an unspecific itch that is one place one second, another the next. I do find that if I have a very bad bout, I'm in for a flare up.

  • im supposed to be on tramadol but dont take them lol x

  • I've suffered with persistant iching when ever I get stressed for years, often scratching till I draw blood. Its another outward sign of inner termoil for me and like Lorraine63 it often heralds a flre. Our bodies sure do have a way of expressing themselves. Swollen glands under my arm pit is another sign of a flare I get, wierd, :)

  • lol i was the same i used to go to docs and tell him one or other of my symptoms but always forgot something, so i wrote things down when i remembered and took the list with me the next time i went, thats how he eventually realised when he put all my symptoms 2 gether that i had fibro lol x

  • thank you for sharing its good to see how this affects other people im learning a lot that i never knew and the ppl are all so nice xx

  • thanks for replying everyone, i am supposed to be on tramadol but i dont take them so i know its not them causing the itch, my doctor says its just another symptom of the fb, and another doctor told me its some sort of other disease that there is no cure for, so didnt know who to believe, my doctor put me on LDN as there is something in that that helps the itch but i had to stop taking it as it was breaking my mouth out as though i had thrush, but my uncle says iy helps his fibro. so now i have been given a course of steroids that im scared to take as my stomache is very sensetive and i struggle to take most tablets. im fed up being in pain and being really forgetful, but right now the itch i think is my main problem as i have scratched my face several times while sleeping and marked it and i use whatever i can get my hands on to scratch including knifes and such. the itch is all over but my back and bottom of my legs and feet are the worst x

  • I don't suffer as much as I used to, my shins used to be terrible and I scratched so much I have scars! now it's just backs of knees and top of my thighs. I find that not wearing polyester helps.

  • I'm having sudden onsets of severe itching all over my body,also what feels like I'm being poked with needles,and the sensation of bugs crawling all over me.I have been seeing my doctor about this miserable situation.He's run the regular blood tests,but nothing has shown as abnormal .My Doctor seems pretty apathetic about there being a solution,but obviously it's urgent to me ! The frequency of these attacks has been escalating exponentially over this last year.

    The pin pricks and itch move around at random.As soon as I feel a pin prick (accompanied by itch) ,it moves to another spot.I can't see anything that looks like a rash.It will last for a few hours then ,stop for about an hour,then start back up.

    It began several years ago, having only the occasional assault that would last a few days.Its progressed now to being almost every day, so I'm getting very little sleep.

    I've tried the salves and Antihistamines,recommended by him as well as a few of the recommendations online ,but they haven't really helped. I'm about to lose my mind...My life was relatively stress free until this started happening.

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