Giving up smoking!!!!

Tomorrow myself and two work colleagues are giving up smoking, if either of us gives in we by the other two a £20 voucher!!!!!! Im already grouchy thinking about it! What am I gona do with the extra time, my bum is on the sofa enough as it is, I'm gona go nuts:-) yes I know it's the right thing to do blah blah but it's gona be hard, at least we're doing it together which'l help, it's for my health but most importantly for my young daughter so watch this space !!! I'm also doing gentle exercise and on a diet, happy days !!!

From grouchy miserable nicki :-) xxxx

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  • Go for it you can do it, I stop two years ago after 26 yrs best thing I ever did hugs xx

  • Thank you

    Nicki xxx

  • I have Emphysema so quitting smoking is a must for me. I have quit a few times, including recently, but Tuesday I smoked, Wednesday(tribunal day)I smoked, and today I have smoked. In saying that I had not touched a smoke in the last three hours and do not even feel like one. Tyr telling yourself that you have enough chemical rubbish going on in your brain as it is with the fibro, why give it more excuses by providing nicotine and stuff. I know I won't smoke come tomorrow so I will be fine again. It is just the odd day here and there for me. And I was smoking for 37 years, yes since I was 11 and now nearly 48. You have lots of support on here too. Try doing a crossword here and there, pen in hand is a good as having a cigarette in the hand. I wish you well xxxxx Lin

  • Thank you Lin, yes having emphysemia is a good reason to give up, at least u can have an odd one and stop,

    Regards nicki xxx

  • I wish you so much luck Nicki in giving up. I know how hard it is and even my GP said when a person is in pain often a cigarette is the first thing they reach for. All those calming chemicals that actually cause other health problems. If only they could give us the calming bits and no bad bits. Have you thought about trying Champix? It is very good and I am now 6 weeks into this course of treatment. A nurse at your smoking cessation clinic can prescribe it for you and I think it is a 12 week course. Often if you try to smoke whilst on it the taste is soooooooo disgusting you put the fag out again lol. It is like smoking burnt rubber. Let us know how you get on. And as yet I have not smoked since yesterday, which I knew I wouldn't because of the champix xxxxx Lin

  • I know where you're at. I am giving up too and it is making me want to smoke 24/7

    Only have around half a pack of bacci left.

    I do have a nicorette inhalator's to use as I know I will need a dummy. Smoked for over 40 years now and only gave up for 3 months almost 30 years ago.


    I am also getting an E-cigarette this time, one with oil bottles that you can top up the filters. Hope & pray I do it this time and that you do too xx

  • Hi Fiona, I'm gona buy one of those e fags today I think that may help, it's hard isn't it especially with extra stress, I guess there's never gona be a good time to give up!!!

    Good luck to you too with your attempt aswell , a lot of grumpy post coming up I think :-)

    Regards nicki xxx

  • I stopped smoking for 8 years then started again, then, when i was diagnosed with C.O.P.D i quit there and then. However, after 2 years, my weight went up and up.. no smoking and steroids.. (not a good combination) and I got very depressed. Now I have started smoking roll ups. I will give up again when my weight goes down. Ozzygirl Try one of those electric cigarettes, I'm going to. good luck Homer xx Gail

  • Eranox, I am into a course of Champix at the moment prescribed by the smoking cessation nurse. Was just saying to Homer that they are good, see above post. Good luck. And by the way when I was told I had Emphysema/COPD and chronic bronchitis(and now told the COPD has triggered all sorts of allergies and possibly Asthma too) it did have the knock on effect of me quitting there and then. I only started smoking again when I got my tribunal date, then quit again, then the day before had to have one, but it was like smoking burnt rubber lol xxxxx Lin

  • Thanks Gail , and good luck too you too,I'm worried about my weight too, so gona try to get on exercise bike daily and grimiest through the pain and stop eating all the biscuits

    Good luck Hun

    Regards nicki xxxx

  • Morning You can do it a tip that helps is find something to do with your hands - twirl a pencil - do some sketching - do some knitting - play the piano. Just keep your hands occupied smoking is a habit same time of day same reoccurring action. I always smoked as soon as I got up and sa soon as I got into the car. puff puff. It smells ! I gave up 9years ago never talk about it now do not useally think about it. good luck you can do it -- try whistling xgins

  • Thanks gins, can't whistle:-) but il figure it out

    Have a good day today xxx

  • I just ordered one of those electric ciggies. There was a half price offer on Groupon, it runs out today if anyone is interested? £12.95 for the equivalent of 120 ciggies. And you can buy 10 more cartridges at half price. I gave up for 7 years but started again when my depression hit in 2009. I have us so easily before, just woke up one day and decided I was going to quit. But the depression and fibro has made me smoke more, especially as I'm home all the time. I really have to do something about it and when I saw the offer I thought I would give it a go. I think the offer stop out at the end of today. Good luck with quitting, we all know its bad for us but people who don't smoke don't understand how hard it is to quit. Hope it works for you. JT

  • Hi JT, yes it's very difficult , but we have to do it, good luck too you to, il have my last fag this afternoon with my friend who's giving up too, gona go and buy e ciggys from tescos, if I wait I may give in !!!! Good luck

    Regards nicki xxxx

  • Go for it girls! Giving up the weed is the single most positive step anyone can take to improve their health.

    Stopping smoking DOESN'T in itself cause weight gain - but it will cause a temporary increase in appetite, so get in enormous stores of fruit and veg, and munch away, then you'll be healthier, slimmer - and much more fragrant!

    Best of luck to you all x

  • Thank you flower, started now, just had a puff on my e fag, mmmmmmm

    Regards nicki xxx

  • I stopped smoking about 16 years ago I have asthma and when I went for an asthma nurse told me stop smoking or stop breathing so I stopped

  • I stopped smoking about 16 years ago I have asthma and when I went for an asthma nurse told me stop smoking or stop breathing so I stopped smoking

  • I stopped smoking about 16 years ago I have asthma and when I went for an asthma nurse told me stop smoking or stop breathing so I stopped smoking

  • I still read them all:-) yeh stopping smoking is defo best option, I've stopped now and puffing on my e fag !!!

    Nicki xxxx

  • My phones playing up that's why There's 3

  • Good luck,you can do it!! I gave up 6 years ago,best thing I ever did and just think of all the treats you can buy with the money you save :)

  • Hi

    I have just finished a smoking cessation course for the NHS

    Go and join a class your doctors might do one there so much

    You can do now to help you, your hospital would know where

    You can go its good to have support from other people


  • Hi viv, yes gona join some group, I'm doing it with friends and were all stubborn and want too win, so far so good, thanks for advice and good luck to you, im using a vapor stick and it's brill, helps with hand to mouth action !!! Xxx

  • In October, as it is now called stoptober, If you go to a nhs stop smoking clinic, you can get free patches (for 12 weeks i think.)

  • Thank you, it's been a week now and been using a vapor stick so far so good, but I will be popping a long to the stop smoking clinic

    Regards nicki xxx

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