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hello world.... what a week. advice needed please!!!!

hello all,

ive had a crap week- its a mix of pain in places that shouldnt hurt, lack of feeling and numbness or pins and needles in my hands and arms and the non stop twitching of my arms and legs.......

anyhow i need to ask a q..... i have found recently that when i need to wee, i cant hold it in and have accidents, nothing too embarressing but still!... does anyone else suffer from accidents like this? is it part of fibro??.... i have found i the last twelve months that my core muscles around my waist area arent as strong as they were..... mayb this is part of the prob?????

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Well now that you menton this yes i too have noticed that when i need to go to the toilet I NEED TO GO like you nothing major but i do read that frequent urination is a thing with fibro so you can pretty much guess that yes another sympton, funny until you said i just put it down to me and my body but i also get alot of pain around myhips etc so there you go whats next lol xxx love to you Diddle x


i did find this and at 40 i shouldnt, however i cut out caffiene and it stopped, my dad who gets same thing was told by urologist to cut out caffiene, though make sure its not a urinary infection x


I've got the same.... have on research found that it can impact some people with FMS - I do pelvic floor exercises now and find it helps a little....

Hope the weekend is better for you!! xx


This comes and goes with me - As soon as it does I use a pad in my pants just for emergency. I am past my sell buy date never had to use them for years now I cannot believe it having to buy them again, Thank goodness they exist saves embarrassment


Hi cherry pie,

yes i do get embarrassing mishaps all the time now, like you its not bad or noticable to anyone but i do have to change my undies quite often and i always go to the toilet before i go anywhere just incase.

Also i think i have finished then when i stand up i actually havent and have to sit back down.

kel xxx


that is exactly what happens to me,think you have finished,stand up and dribble!i do it every day! what a joke this fibro is!xxx


hi me to and not nice ,and sometimes i thinl how long be4 i need pads . i am keeping that one of as long as pos

soft hugs to everyone


Have the same problem.... bit of a pee problem , very embarrasing though .. am wondering what else i havent experienced... have diabetes as well and everything kicks off. Have sinus infection at mo which has caused fibro flareup/ My mum cant ubderstand why i can barely move and my hubby still working through... i have fibro mum.. have done for 12 years. Does anyone else have problem with family acceptance?


Yes I have a weak bladder and have much treatment in the past but it's still a problem. i was offered an op many years ago but refrained from that as they said I may not be able to pee at all. Good remedy hey?


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