No longer sorry for myself

I recently joined this group because I have Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Functioning Neurological Symptoms, Non Epileptic Blackouts, IBS, ME, Asthma and bi-lateral hearing loss.

The reason I joined was to get advice and support, my problems seem tiny in comparison to some of you also in this group and I would like to send everyone in it my best wishes for a great day, week and longer - I'm optimistic!

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  • It's a very supportive community through thick and thin sincerely hoping you can enjoy time with them.

  • We are here for each other! Even when we can't think straight!!😜😜😜😳😳😳😳

  • You're problems are just as big as everyone else's it takes over your life ,and has changed it just like the rest of us , don't put yourself down on here , we all wear the same shoes , people who don't have health concerns and who have no empathy do that to us , you can hold your head up here we understand.

    You take care

    Chris 😊

  • Thanks for your example: a good, positive outlook.

    Your health concerns are less than some and more than others. There are plenty of people out there as Chris says, who don't understand or care. But we do. This site welcomes us all!

  • Your reply made my eyes fill with tears, Chris. It is true that all of us here have a very difficult time in life and a not so small bit of that difficulty comes from people who encourage us or demand us to downplay our illness and even shut up about it.

    It is hard not to be self-effacing about these things in the climate around us, and after having in so many cases put others' needs and concerns ahead of our own.

    What you said is true and we must remember to say this to new members so they will start to feel validated that their illness is very important and serious business.

  • Oh I am sorry ,I didn't mean to upset you or anyone,but you get where I am coming from , people can be very unkind , my eldest daughter is home at moment ,she's staying with me till she gets back on her feet , to save face for her she's telling people she home to help me , someone has told her ,that it must be terrible for her to be looking after me , ! This is a serious educated man a Dr if English language to be exact , she cooks she sleeps and she is pottering about at home doing as she pleases , she actually had a serious breakdown 4 months ago , why is it terrible that she's home with her mum ?

  • Oh, no, please don't think that you upset me. I should have made that much clearer. I really appreciated the comment you wrote to Scottish piglet. I was feeling tearful because of the kind words you wrote and how true they are. I took your comment in a very positive way.

    It is always this way, that people here do not try to minimise each other's suffering, and people here always care for each other, whether it is the loss of a pet or losing benefits, or an unkind comment from someone.

    I am so sorry that you and your daughter are not doing well, and I know that it is so hurtful when people are unfeeling and make comments like the one she had about being with you at home.

  • We're ok , she's well on mend , she told him she was enjoying being with me , I am wobbly at moment , it's the not knowing what's happening inside I understand my fibro , know I except it , I have other things going on and I am a bit scared if I am honest I get like this sometimes

  • Health problems can be very scary at times. I hope that you will get some reassurance about your problems soon. Gentle hugs.

  • What a beautiful post, thank you so much it is genuinely appreciated. Please remember that you and your medical problems are just as serious and as important as everyone else's. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • big hugs and ditto xx

  • Awhhh, what a fabulous kind thing to say. Yes, we totally understand how your feeling and never feel guilty to let it all out on here, we are here for one another. This wonderful site has saved so many of us from many things, just to unload is somethimes a healer itself :)

    Take care, soft hugs :) x

  • You sound a very nice person and I sincerely wish you well.

    Marguerite9 x

  • Hi there, what a lovely post. We are all struggling to cope with all kinds of illnesses, but try to be there for each other. Sorry to hear what you are dealing with, I hope today is a good one. Very best wishes MariLiz

  • 'All for one and one for all' support , love, listening ear, tissues when sad, every need. x

  • Welcome! I think most people seem to have fibromyalgia as well as other problems. It doesn't seem to be a stand alone diagnoses for some reason

  • Welcome, Scottish piglet! Yes, we have a wide ranging lot of illnesses and difficulties here, and yours are no less significant than anyone else's because each of us has a very difficult time of things with these illnesses, whether multiple or even only one. Fibromyalgia and related illnesses are so very hard to live with and we are all lucky to have each others' support, because nobody can comprehend or help or support us like someone who has a similar problem.

    I am sure you will be a valuable contributor to this wonderful forum.

  • welcome scottish piglet this a really great supporting site for good times and bad theres always some one on to talk to as people are awake at different times.

  • Having read the many posts people put on this forum I am beginning to realise that many of the quirky symptoms I have are a normal part of Fibromyalgia. The twitching, the itching, the shaking and forgetting things, the bouts of extreme tiredness and insomnia are not unique to me. I have a very supportive partner who has Fibromyalgia for the past 8 years and has helped me cope with my illness. He uses humour to get through most days and he refuses to take any pain relief despite being in agony most of the time. I do believe I am lucky in many ways - I'm not as bad as some people, I'm able to live on my own without much support and able to get about. Long may it continue but I'm also realistic - I do get depressed and have been at rock bottom. If I can offer support to anyone who has reached that dark lace then please contact me. I do understand how you feel x

  • I dont often post but have found lots of interesting facts about pain in general and find this website very friendly and down to earth. I only have chronic lower back pain, bouts of diverticulitis (hospitalised twice) and bursitis. Bad enough but nowhere near as serious as so many of members....something which is very helpful is reading about the different painkillers. Unfortunately nothing works for me when I am having debilitating flare ups but I continue to see the drs and will try success as yet.

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