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today is not good

today and last night i feel exhauusted my body hurts all over and im in bed at moment which im not happy about .

managed to walk the dogs and get some food shopping with hubby but having trouble walking was going to see if it helped with 1 crutch but dont know where i can get one from. dont want to go back to drs until ive had another blood test . and obv cant walk into the hospital and ask for one!

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you could try a mobility shop i know they do sticks so they might beable to help,i got my stick from physio x


Hi angied,

I have an occupational therapist who is very good, i found her through social services.

She said to me she could get me crutches but i wanted to see how i get on.

If you could find the social services department near you in the phone book you just ask for the ot department and they come out for a home visit.

Theses are the things i have so far;

Extra banister up the stairs,

grab rails in the bathroom,

something to help me turn over in bed,

a grabber (supposed to be for putting socks on, but she gave me it to pick things up) lol,

And a bath seat for my shower.

Good luck and hope you feel bit better soon.

kel xxx


Hi, If you go to your local hospital and go to the physio unit, you should be able to ask for one from them, they may even give you walking stick, i you know your NHS number take that with you as they will be able to see your records from your doctor.



thanks all i knew i could get some answwers on here.think i may be better off with a crutch rather than a walking stick as wrist and hands not much cop


Well it may be worth a go i was told by my gp yhat i should get some wrist splints for carpal tunnel another delight of fibro! he said he could not get them on prescription but go to boots or online and get them as if he referred me to the local physio it would be weeks . ok i said came home called my local physio centre and explained what the gp had said and they made me an appointment for 4 days later i went had chat with physiotherapist and they issued me with 2x wrist supports so it may be worth a go hope you are successful love and soft hugs Diddle xx


just got some off ebAY im loosing the plot at the moment had to delet last comment as didnt read the comment on fb properly! think i need to go to bed


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