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sunshine,a great help!

First of all,thanks for all the lovely messages. We had a lovely time in Spain. Lots of rest,peace and relaxation. Of course all my issues with pain and fatigue subsided and we were able to walk along the prom,eat out in the sunshine and leave all the stress behind us. I have a 25 year old daughter with mental health problems,along with her alcohol abuse. Without going into details,it is so hard coping with my fibro and the constant worry and stress I have to deal with. A sense of humour and my faith keep me going.

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So glad that you had a lovely time and you relaxed and chilled out it sounds like you do have your fair share of stress etc on top of your own health issues so hopefully your break will help to carry through a few weeks love to you diddle x


Don't you find (as I do) that stress make fibro much worse? Sadly your stress with your daughter isn't going to be solved over night and she is lucky to have you there for her. Look after yourself x


Hi avarose,

So pleased you enjoyed your holiday. :) And stress is the worse thing for fibro.

Its just a pity we cant have a holiday everyday ehh. lol.

kel xxx


Hi ya I take Vit D from over the counter for my FMS since i read research on low Vit D. Also Fibro consultant encouraged me to have sun exposure saying go out lay in the sun (not in the hottest period 12-2pm ) for 5 mins each side and then apply sun cream and sit out in it as much as possible....

5 mins each side , flip me over I'm

But no joking aside in the summer doing this defo makes me feel better.... no burning sun bathing tho .... not a good look and soooo not healthy

M x


I think i will get some vitamin D and give them a go.i am trying all natural ways of helping the fibro. Had loads of pain this evening but just had a soak in a hot bath,lit a candle and rubbed lovely cream in my legs and hands. The pain has subsided and I feel much better. take care.


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