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Today I did from 9.30 until 4.30 being trained as a volunteer to support families who have a child with a disability. At times I was in a lot of pain, other times my mind would not not focus, it was obvious to the people in charge that at times I was struggling,they were very accommodating but when I said I had fibromyaligia they all said what's that? Returned home exhausted, another full day tomorrow but the little bit I can do is useful and it spreads the word. Sleep well if you can.

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  • Which book is that ?

  • Thank you for your support --another exhausting training day today, had told some people that I had this condition as I didn't want them to think I wasn't paying attention etc and some one came back today to tell me about an exercise group for fibro sufferers not sure I can go all the time- distance too great but might make a visit to spread the word. There is definitively something in having your mind occupied, doesn't make the pain go away but distracts from it , I always felt nights were worst because nothing distracts fro it----my name's Linda Good night hope you rest well

  • Hi,it's good to talk to you both, not sure how to use this site to maintain a ongoing discussion. I'll find the book Christine and read it. Sorry you had a bad night. May come back on later.

  • thank you

  • you are absolutely right -the stress of having Fibromyalgia ,particularly if not diagnosed or you don't know much about it --produces stress which makes the symptoms worse--for those that are able to continue to work if they can get their doctors to say they are disabled, employers under the equality act 2010 must make reasonable adjustments to allow them to continue working, all very difficult,hope you both get a reasonable night

  • Thank you Lynn for that information

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