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pain so bad

i am siting and the pain is so bad not had an epesod this bad for 3 24 days feel like i have a vice around my midel to my neck and someone turning the screw so much and to make things even moor fun i now have tree trunks for legs no ankels and no pain meds for another hour god i don't know how much moor i can tack . just the day 2 day is bad but then we have to put up with the episodes god i don't know if i can shit it hearts so bad

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this one out of blue ,it been good for some days so like a fool i was feelin good . then the dam thing says no not having that get back down . with night meds and extra pain meds should be asleep by 9 30 ,so will get a few hours fingers crossed . should be ok will be ok but my ankels and legs all i need is for summer then i can proun them ha you have to laugh or you cry and just done that and it gets you nowere and thank you christineEls soft hugs and soft squdg to you from me


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