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when i go to see the GP which is rather alot the last few months with my fibro and all the other delights that go with it i take my prescription out to the chemist which id right next door to the surgery (handy) and they actually talk to me like they are my friend they know my name as they see it so often and hand me a carrier bag ( well a paper bag but its size of carrier bag ) lol thats not a good thing when they know you without looking at your scripy !!!!!!!! but they are lovely people too so thats not so bad they dont look at me like oh here she comes the hypercondriact ( dont know if that spelt right ) oh well will see if i can wake the doctors pc up if not will be doing it the old fashioned way and calling on the phone lol love and hugs to you all Diddle xxxx

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Hi Diddle, I am a retired pharmacist and retired a couple of years early because of fibro only I didn't know what was the real problem then. I spent the majority oof my working day on my feet, so you can see why I had to finish. I had never heard of fibro and was not actually told that was what my problem was till several years later some 5yrs after I was first ill.Until I knew what the problem was I felt like a fraud with symptoms and no cause.

I had my own businesses and as such, relations with my customers wa always of paramount importance and it was a matter of pride that the customers always felt they could confide in me, often when they didn't trust their own G.P.

I don't suppose the pharmacy I use has much idea what is wrong with me at all from the wide variety of drugs I have been given over the years.

Anyway Diddle, hope your treatment helps to keep most of the problems at bay. There are no definite answers but you seem to be a positive sort of person and that I think is the best medicine - think positive, keep your mind occupied with other things and I hope you have an understanding partner like me


Thankyou for that advice, yes it is also a nice thing that the pharmacy do know me and yes on occasion i have asked their advice(they have a small private side room if you want to ask any thing) but yes you should always check with your GP but pharmacists can also give you very good advice many thanks and soft hugs to you Diddle x


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