FM information clearly explained for novices as well as "old-timers"

I found this website (amazingly it's an NHS SITE!) that has a good summary of everything about FM - from symptoms to diagnosis to treatments -- thought you may find it useful if you are looking for any info. It is : and then you just need to enter Fibromyalgia into the search section. Hope that it may be useful to some of you.

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  • Thanks for posting that, I hadn't come across NHS Inform before. I think this is similar (the same?) to the NHS Choices information for those people in England and Wales (NHS Inform is a Scottish service, though of course the web info is widely available).

    FibroAction and myself first worked with NHS Direct to update the NHS online information on Fibro 4 years ago (seems like a lifetime ago!) and we have since worked with NHS Choices to keep that info updated.

  • Thank you phlebo, a good read! :) :)

  • Hi Phlebo, Thanks for the above link have just printed it of, to give to GP. He is very understanding but admited was'nt that gened up on fibro. soft hugs xx

  • Good sound information x x x

  • Thank you !!

  • I do appreciate you sharing this but as usual these sites promote exercise - they don't link other ailments like osteoarthritus, which I have and which prevents my walking. Over exercise of my upper body causes weaknesses which then take weeks to recover fully.

    I hope though that these are of help to others. Sorry, didn't mean to let off steam there. :)

  • hi i'm new to this site but i just like to say i agree with you i to have osteoarthritus along with fibro and some exercise can make it alot worse and takes weeks to get over it, i end up feeling really ill

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