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Well its now 4pm i have been up since 5 am and all i have done is been on here and walked my dogx2 up thre road for 5 mins each time what is all that about i have sat all day with my kindle nodding off and before you think i am an oap i am 46 years old how sad is that hope you all managed to do something bit more constructive with your day love and soft hugs Diddle xxxxx

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oh dear same as me today then zilch lol ok hopefully tomorrow will be better love and soft hugs diddle x


Think of it like this..... at least you got up and got dressed, and you have done something constructive by taking your doggie out and writing on here, that is'nt doing nothing. Dont feel guilty if thats all you can manage!

Try to do a little each day and dont set your goals too high, thats what i do, some days i dont even get dressed or manage a shower.

Take it easy and slowly and dont push too hard, gentle hugs xxx


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