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The current poll is interesting :)

But my blog isn't about that lol. It is just about my day in general.

My boyfriend, lovely as he is, had to leave at about 4/5 this morning so he didn't bother sleeping berfore, but woke me up to say bye before he left. grr.

Then he got back at 7 and i had been dreaming about him then he woke me up and I screamed lol.

Then I woke up at 8:15am when I usually leave the house at 8:30am so I had to hobble round like a headless chicken. Made it to uni on time though but nearly feel sleep in my tutorial (only 6 students and 1 lecturer) whoooops! Then I had to run a workshop and wass hobbling round like a headless chicken again to make sure it was ready on time and I was being observed but apparently it was good, yaaay :)

Next I had my hospital appointment and the blood tests and injections hurt :'(

I got to go look a possible house after and it was nice and we are considering moving there, but I feel guilty about my boyfriend but at the same time I feel this is best for us at the moment. Need to talk it through with him some more I guess.

Then I dropped my friend off at work and went back into uni to do some filming for one of our modules which went well though I'd been feeling sick all day.

Popped to the pub before cooking my group of friends toad in the hole, it's the first time I've cooked in a couple of weeks and I was impressed with how it went :) Thoguh I burnt my thumb and it really hurts, and I nearly forgot to cook the carrots it was generally a success :):)

Managed to double take one of my daily tablets, whoops. Started on some vitamins/natural supplements today - Taking starflower, some one good for joints, and kalms sleep. So I'm currently in bed about to try and do some stretches before turning off the light and allowing myself to ride my sleepwave - Read this book and you'll understand what I mean.

I hope all of my friends on this website are ok today, and I hope that tomorrow is a slightly less painful day for us all.

Gentle soft hugs for all fibroducklings :)

X x x x

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What a very busy day cxs. Worn me out reading that. :) Sleep well.

Love 'fibroducklings' LOL xx


WOW and i thought i had a busy day :)

Hope you get a nights sleep

Big soft hugs



No idea, that's how most of my days feel atm/ Managed to stay in bed for 12 hours, don't think I slept all that time..


cxc , I am exausted just reading this. Don't know how you keep it up.

I took a bad migraine on Mon night, so yesterday was very quiet in the house. In bed till 3pm .Hubby was looking after me. I made the dinner, had a bath & then as i was shattered again I went to bed. Because of this, i woke about 5am & couldn't get back

to sleep.

As I was awake anyway I did some ironing.(wish i hadn't) .

By lunchtime I could hardly keep my eyes open & couldn't stop yawning. Guess where I ended up ? YES !! back to bed till 4.30pm.

I feel my days are all mixed up. Good job my wonderful husband has retired to help out.

So good luck at uni & the possible house move. tell your partner you love him to bits but just leave a note the next time. Sending Fibro Hugs ((((O)))) xxx


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