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Medication poll showing Pramiprexole low percentage of usage

I take Pramiprexole and although it seems to only help my fatigue symptoms in a round about way that helps my pain. It means I can exercise more which in turn helps my pain as we know movement helps Fibro.. I still have to take my meds for pain but since taking this drug I have found I am much better generally.... and I recommended it to a friend with fibro and her GP prescribed it for her . She is now working part time.... I am not yet but thats cos I have a baby to look after... :)

M x

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I take pramipexole but that is only for restless legs,which if you suffer from may be reason you sleep better.Hence you feel better.But it doe`s nothing for my sleep patern,which with us is pretty strange to say the least.And also doe`s nothing for pain.In fact I have never heard of it being prescibed for pain.

But I wish you well on it

hugs Butterfly54xx


hi it was prescribed for fatigue and now I can do more my pain is less because I can move more ... and go swimming etc which helps the pain as exercise helps FMS .. Do u not find it helps your fatigue ?? M x


No hun and as I say I`ve not heard of it being prescibed for pain only restless legs.It could be doing all the right things for,

as I was told it`s used for epilepsy.

And some of the pain management I have heard of is out of the same stable.

In fact I am about to start Gabapentin which I have just checked leaflet for and that also is for epilepsy.

These drugs also help Peripheral nuropathic pain,which I think is a missfiring of nerves.But don`t quote me on that.Which is something our nerve fibre`s do and that causes us to feel pain in a way "normal" people don`t.I.E we knock ourselves and are in pain for ages

but they do the same and walk away just rubbing the are for a second or twoo yes I suppose it could be working well for you,and for that alone I am so pleased for you

Love and hugs Butterfly54 xx.



I am on Pregabalin which is an epileptic drug for my neuropathic pain and take b12 tablets as my b12 keeps dropping... the nerve pain is increased when b12 low as it helps with the myelin sheath (sheath that protects the nerves) . Pramiprexole is not for epilepsy is a parkinson drug i believe..

I tried gabapentin and it did not work for me... pregabalin much better.

We feel pain more than others because we have 3 times the amount of substance P in our spinal cords than normal people and the pathway in our brains is heightened to the feeling of pain.

The drugs we take ie. anti epileptic drugs, drugs for depression, tramdol, pramiprexole all work on the chemicals in the brain and that pathway... people think tramadol works because its an opiate pain killer when it actually has more effect on the seretonin pathway which we lack seretonin. Pramiprexole works by helping the dopamine and i take duloxeine which helps by helping the seretonin, norepinephrine and pregabalin decreases the release of neurotranmitters glutamate, noradrenaline and sustance P. .

Glutamate is known to be too high in FMS where as noradrenaline is too low.

Fibromyalgia is a complex illness that is an imbalance of many chemicals in the brain and their pathway . The manifestation of pain and fatigue and other symptoms are a result of the imbalance of these chemical and the body is unable to right this imbalance.

Hope this helps

Love and fibro hugs

M x


I was on Gabapentin for facial pain (caused by stress), and it helped me sleep at night.


Hi MDaisy

What is Pramiprexole haven't heard of this would you say it

helps if so how long does it take to get going sorry for the


I am new and would like to introduce myself

Hope you are having a good Weekend

Brother in Pain



Pramiprexole is a parkinson drug and helps dopamine chenical in the brain. (Please read comment above by me)

I would say it took about 2 weeks to feel real benefit and the dose is 0.18mg and you take one in the evening and eventually increase dose by adding another tablet and I was told by the consultant can go up to 7 per day.

Hope this helps..

M x


Hi again Mdaisy,

Who was your consultant?


Hi Rubberman(are you male)I was prescribed it for restless legs anumber of years ago when I didn`t even know I had fibro.

It didn`t help pain any but as I said befor the most of my pain is my spine.And started pramipexole as restless legs started after spinal sugery and was down to that.

Go to blog and do an introduction about youself and you will meeted and greeted on that lol.

I would like to say welcome aboard you aare definately in right place with us.And you will find nothing but kindness ,understanding,help and laughs from us.

Yes we do laugh especialy at the stupid things we do because of fibro fog.

Love and Hugs Butterfly54xxxx


Stupid me BROTHER in will find other men on here,at this rate will have to start a mens club LOL :-)


Thanks Mdaisy

very helpful as havent heard of the drug before

nice to meet you

Brother in Pain



Thank you Butterfly54

nice to meet you

Brother in pain



i'd just like to say hi and introduce myself.

ive been diagnosed with fms for just under 4 years but im sure ive had it much longer. i suffer a lot of pain but cant get any disability as i scored 0 points on my medical.

i seem to have "triggered" full blown fms after an op that had complications. it took around 6 months to recover. 6 weeks after the op i ended up taking on my 2 grandsons full time to stop them going into care.

i have to say life has been very hard both physically and emotionally especially as the boys both have adhd and attachment issues BUT im glad to say after a lot of trial and error with antidepressants, to the point where i was almost suicidal a couple of months before christmas, i took myself off them after realising i hadnt had a tablet for a week and it was the best thing i ever did! i really DONT RECOMMEND coming off any medication in this way but i realised they were making me feel worse.

my fms is not under control and i dont sleep well but i feel so much more emotionally stable and for the first time in nearly 4 years i feel as if i can cope. ill still have my bad days but im prepared for them now and know what to do instead of dreading every day as i knew i wouldnt be able to control the boys and i would end up feeling useless and wondering if i had done the right thing with the boys as i didnt feel that i was able to give them the care and stability they need.

im lucky too in that i have such a wonderful partner. we had only been together 6 weeks when we got together (altho i had known him for 25 years and we worked together) and he has taken on so much. at first he looked after both me and the boys, doing everything without complaint even while working 40 hours a week, split shifts, often getting home after midnight and getting up with the boys at 4.30 every day.

the boys were pretty disturbed when we got them. the youngest was 13 months and the eldest only 30 months and they needed alot of care and constant supervision. the youngest wasnt even on solid food and was malnourished and the eldest had anger issues so my partner took on so much! he was the one that pulled me through what has been a very dark time and i can only say thankyou.

anyway, im sorry for the VERY long post. i just wanted to say that things, although they may never be as they were, CAN get better.


Hello Chilli50,your post was very interesting hun,and you certainly had a very rough time of it.Welcome to the site,you will find help and frienship here.

Can I suggest you do a blog then others will know you are here also and give you a welcome. Hugs to you Butterfly54


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