Password? we do have fybro you know !!

Has anyone else pointed out that to ask us for a password to access this place is like asking a blind man for the colour of his socks? I am new to this site but had already forgotten my password !! yes I write it down (only to lose it) and sometimes put it in my phone (then forget to change it when necessary) There must be a thousand different passwords needed to run my life and I forget every one!!! I tried having just one until it was pointed out that its not safe. So I use variations on names and ages but its useless I still dont remember. Can you not remember it for us?? pretty please?? it makes me feel so stupid.

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  • You should be able to enable cookies on your computer so that it remembers for you. Internet Explorer can do this.

  • If these fail, why not just put in 'frustrated'? I have got my personal laptop to remember all of my passwords, but then it never leaves home and I cannot forget the password to unlock the laptop - its a long forgotten [by others] family pet!

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  • I read a good trick recently for passwords. Work out a combination of letters (including at least one capital) and numbers that you can quite easily remember. This should be 5-7 digits long and forms the base for your password. Then for each website that needs a password, add the first 3 letters of the web address to your base password. That way, you have an 8-10 digit password that is different for every website, but which only requires you to remember one relatively short password.

    Obviously you need to really protect your base password in doing this. And I would always use something completely different for very important passwords like for online banking.

  • I try to keep the same password for most things if possible, or make a note of it on my phone. You could always try a notebook too x

  • I have a notebook in which I write down stuff like this - it stays at home so isn't too vulnerable, and I generally don't write the password itself but a clue. For example, if the password was Cinderella I'd perhaps write princess or pumpkin as the clue. I'd know what it meant. Likewise some passwords require you to add a number, and I always use the same one - so then I'd write pumpkin plus number. Hope this helps! It works for me ... and I've got menopausal brain death as well as fibro fog!

  • I thought my bad memory was down to age I'm 57 hd Fibro for 9 years but never mad the connection unti now thank you x

  • thank you all for the comments, I will try some of your suggestions !

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