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does anyone know the result from the goverment ie.. incapacity EMS

the goverment were putting through a bill for to stop employment support and incapacity... i am sure it was to go through on the 12th of this month.. but have heard nothing in the papers about it.... think its a disgrace anyway.... i will have to give up my home and move into council housing when mine gets stopped.. nothing wrong with council.. please dont think im a snob.. its just we have 3 kids( well adults) living at home.. we wouldnt get one big enough for them to.. also.. my husband has worked very hard as a police officer to get this house.... i like many others will be left devasted x

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not dure where I read it, but ESA is going stop after 365 days unless you are put in the support group…which most people arent! Not sure when they start your 365 days though. After that all that is available is income support :(


hi i have been on income support since aug 2007 when i had accident at work in jan 2007 then was ssp from my employer then had to go on income support with a sickness top up so i dont know if i will be changed i dont know what is going on woth all the benefits everyone on here seems to be on different things dont they strange when we all got the same thing?

some get this aome get that

some have blue badge some not eligable

some get DLA some dont i dont know in my mind apart from our housing we are all having the same problems with the same illness ? i would love to meet the person who decides all these things wouldnt you ?

love to you diddle x


hi Diane63,its a disgrace isnt it what the goverment are doing its persecution of the disabled!iv been disabled for 10yrs due to a spine op&now have fb&athritis,i get dla&incapacity,im waiting for date of assessment in next few wks,reading other peoples stories hardly anyone is passing!atos who does the assessments get payed £80 per fail!you can appeal which can take ages whilst no money,marvelous aint it!iv lost my house due to mortgage rates&mortgage in shortfall&now in council bungelow.not our fault all because im disabled!if i loose incapacity i dont know how we will get through this,think we have suffered enough!all i can say is read up on everything,go to citazens advise or anywhere to get advise.if you serisly think your in danger of loosing home go online/phone your council to go on housing list,although it depends on circumstances. be prepared thats we did.hope this helps abit?xx


i got a letter saying my 365 day were due to end at the end of this month im on an appeal for dla and esa so all i get it a lower rate of esa which you get if you appeal i believe that altho esa is changing aon income support you will still get some money ive already had to give up my bungalow as i cant afford to live here and im moving in with a friend so i can afford to live ive been waiting 16 months for esa appeal i dfail tosee the point of it .we are penalized for having fibro and not being able to work im so low about all this im having my talets looked at by my gp and swapping my meds about all that deoes is make things harder


Hi ,

Ive recently filled in forms to change from incapacity to esa but whether or not I get it is a different story which I very much doubt im going to . I was told at 21 I could never work again , and like other people have mentioned it is unfair that due to an illness which not a lot is know about that it feels like we out casted if u like ( cant really think how to put it ) . I was told to apply for DLA by the specialist that diagnosed me & was refused it due to the that fact that I didnt have someone looking after me ( at the time I lived alone so had noone to look after me ) I appealed that too . Im sure I will hear back off them soon so when I do I will update xxx


Hi Diane, I understand that if you are put into the WRAG group of ESA this now only gets paid for 1 year. If you are in the support group they keep on paying you as long as your illness remains unchanged or gets worse. If you were on the old Incapacity Benefit and get changed to ESA I think the same applies, you need to be in the support group otherwise if you have been receiving the benefit for over a year they cease to pay you. The rules apper to be different too if you have someone living with you that works over so many hours a week rather than if you live alone.

Its all very confusing and rules for some things differ in different parts of the country too. I think it is important if they do tell you they are not paying you not to sign onto job seekers allowance as if you do this you are telling them you think you are fit for work.

I hope it all works out well for you Diane, let us know what happens once you know. Take care, love Angela xx


As others have said, contribution based ESA ends on the became law about the 8th April this year so if you have been on C/b ESA for more than 365 days you will now loose it. You can claim income based ESA or Income support, I'm sure you won't have to move house, you will get council tax relief if on a low income, is your hubby still with you, if the 3 children are not working you should get something for them I would have thought.

Good luck


Hi Diane, I am worried about my DLA being stopped because I rely on it. I hope that you get good news & everything works out for you.

Big soft hugs to all who need them.



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