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Newport bridge looking good ! :-/

Well guys great weekend actually went out for a meal was painful to sit, then watched other people dance in a pub but then in bed till 4pm on Sun, I did sort of partake in normal society.

Then to the docs this morning, to sort things out, she sort of acknowledged FM then asked me my symptoms, I had written a list of questions not symptoms and fibro fog hit so I stuttered like a gooden. The end result after asking if Atos had contacted her and would she support my appeal was a no really.

So after looking over Newport bridge and laughing at the people who jump and get stuck in the mud rather than swept away by the tide, this feels like a option this am. I would definitely be the stuck in the mud person with this fibro fog.

No seriously guys thank goodness I know you all have same problems with the system and a warm Starbucks with a hot coffee is my TRUE destination ...

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Oh forgot the leaflet she handed me, a help group for return to work , say no more.Anyone want to do my housework today lol


oh iam sorry it didnt go better ,but as i read your blog i had thoughts of putting said doctor in the mud lol:)


my fibro wasn't recognized til i had it diagnosed by a rheumatologist even though i had it diagnosed By The cfs clinic. I agree with lynz about said doctor in the mud lol


lol ok will put doc in mud any one want to help lol ....


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