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think someone has it in for me!!

after all the streess last week decided my daughter was gonna drive me to bournmouth so i could go to 2 shops got to car park and i got the parking ticket then i noticed her back trye was flat! so thought do shopping first then pop back look helpless and someone would help change it.

after shopping my daughters friend and sister turned up to help we eventually got the trye off and put the spare on only to find that was flat as well this is going on in the peeing rain!

so to cut a long story short her friends went to get another tyre while i waited half hour later got trye but was slightly warped so had to go back to tyre place for them to fix it very slowly and to repair the spare. although i was freezing and had seized up was glad that the whole lot only costed 16.00!

now im hurting all over and will have to have another early night .hope tomorrow is a better day!!

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Oh dear not a good day then but £16 not bad . mind you i can only imagine how you are feeling now bless you a nice warm bath wont go amiss for you and warm drink or what i had little while ago bowl of porridge with golden syrup poured over it that will warm you up take care and hope you sleep and dont suffer too much tomorrow love and soft hugs Diddle x


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